20221113 Sydney 1 exp banner

November 30, 2022

SRF Monastic Visits — Fall 2022

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Online How to Live Classes for Children and Teens blog

November 29, 2022

Registration Open for Online How-to-Live Classes for Children and Teens

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Paramahansa Yogananda on the Benefits of Spiritual Company BLP

November 18, 2022

Winter 2022 Appeal

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SRF Zurich Convo 2022 exp 1440x1040

October 20, 2022

What You Had to Say About Convocation — and What’s Next for 2023

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2022 Sp Monastic Visits Landing Page

September 27, 2022

SRF Monastic Visits — Spring 2022

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Kirtan Under the Stars Blog

September 20, 2022

“Kirtan Under the Stars” at the SRF Encinitas Ashram Center

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SRF Hollywood Temple Sq

September 06, 2022

Expanded Access to SRF Hollywood Temple’s India Hall

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Mother Center Building with Convocation Logo-blog landing page

August 09, 2022

Are you coming to the 2022 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation?

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What Is Yoga 8th Day of Yoga Tyagananda SRF Blog

June 17, 2022

What Is Yoga, Truly? (8th Annual International Day of Yoga Guided Meditation)

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Ever New Joy Temple Of My Heart blog2

May 03, 2022

New SRF Recordings of Devotional Chanting Available

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