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Spring 2024 Message — Help for a New Chapter of Growth in SRF

May 28, 2024

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Help for a New Chapter of Growth in SRF

A Message From Brother Vishwananda

When I am no longer in the body, this organization will be my body. As you have helped me, and served this form while I am here, so serve this organization.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Dear Divine Friend,

It is such a joy and privilege to reach out to you and bring important news from the ashrams of Self-Realization Fellowship. In my role as Treasurer of SRF, it is my sacred duty to serve with the Board of Directors to help shepherd the financial well-being of Paramahansa Yogananda’s organization in a manner that ensures its viability and success for generations to come. In that spirit I am writing to you today.

Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the number of people drawn to the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda from all parts of the world — of all ages, religious affiliations, and cultural backgrounds — signaling an authentic spiritual awakening, one crucially vital for our world so often in a state of struggle, turmoil, and uncertainty.

All around us, in every department of life, we see how powerfully the universal teachings brought by our Guru are resonating with the spiritual needs of the 21st century global family. To do all we can to meet those needs is our sacred responsibility — and we see no slowdown coming in the foreseeable future.

Fulfilling the Promise of Paramahansaji’s Vision

This brings me to why I am writing to you today: to seek your support of the spiritual initiatives being launched by our revered president, Brother Chidananda. We are entering an expansive new phase of the visionary plan for SRF that was set forth by Paramahansa Yogananda and nurtured by his first-generation disciples — a phase that is necessary not only to adapt to the rapidly changing world environment, but also to further advance Paramahansaji’s promise of an unceasing flow of inspiration and transformative spiritual techniques emanating from the Mother Center to SRF members and spiritually yearning souls worldwide.

To best meet the opportunity at hand will require the help and collective support of all of us, working together.

Serving You With Efficiency and Soul

As I write, we are engaged in a major undertaking to strengthen and modernize our internal operations and technology infrastructure, so we can better handle the expanding volume and complexity of work required to provide spiritual service in the best possible way.

To give just one example, we are rethinking many of our internal workflows and departments that have historically been staffed by SRF monks and nuns, so that certain tasks can be handled by lay member employees and volunteer teams who have been trained by the monastics. In the past year or so, it has become possible to utilize the wonderful talents and world-class professional expertise of devoted lay members and volunteers from all over the globe, who are able to work remotely through the revamped technology being installed in our offices. As this continues, it will allow our monks and nuns to spend more and more time in support of the important spiritual needs of our growing worldwide family.

In numerous other ways, as well, we are planning major steps to increase our capacity to serve Paramahansaji's expanding worldwide spiritual family with efficiency as well as soul.

As you can see, it is a time of significant growth for SRF — one in which you play a critical role.

Growing Together With You

Seeing some of the outward manifestations of these recent changes, many of you have reached out to express your heartfelt appreciation for the expanded suite of offerings provided by SRF: the Online Meditation Center, the weekly inspirational videos, the ongoing release of the new edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons in multiple languages, improvements to the SRF website and mobile app, expansion of the annual SRF Convocation to accommodate a vastly increased worldwide participation, and more. You have shared how measurably your sense of fellowship with the monastics and devotees has grown and how much your spiritual practice has been deepened. You have also conveyed the joy that has come with the resumption of personal visits from our nuns and monks, as they travel around the globe to share Paramahansaji’s soul-liberating teachings.

All of this was made possible because of the help that we receive directly from so many of you — not only in the form of much-needed financial support and voluntary service, but especially through the unseen but strongly felt power of your prayers and goodwill.

And we are still only at the beginning of this new phase — there is so much more we want to set in motion to serve you and all who look to Paramahansa Yogananda and his society for spiritual guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.

We Invite Your Support

We invite you to join us in this blessed and transformative undertaking. It will require a significant increase in annual operating expenses; but as we plan our way forward, it is with faith in and gratitude for the depths of generosity in countless hearts awakened by our Guru’s divine touch and his Kriya Yoga teachings. With Guru’s help and yours, it will all be possible.

Over the next several months we look forward to sharing more in-depth information with you regarding upcoming projects and initiatives — which include the SRF International Headquarters Retrofit & Rehabilitation Project announced in a recent newsletter and on our website.

If you are able to help Self-Realization Fellowship financially at this time, we welcome and very much appreciate your support. We invite you to use the donation link below or contact us directly at the Mother Center if you wish to talk with someone personally (please see below).

May God and the Gurus ever bless you and your loved ones as you travel on this path of ever-deepening Self-realization and attunement with the Divine.

In divine friendship,

Brother Vishwananda
For the Self-Realization Fellowship Board of Directors

Please note: For those wishing to talk with someone personally please call: +1 (323) 987-8900 or email: Thank you.

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Jacqueline Corless

Hello: It is with reverence/love/and total commitment that I respond to Brother Vishwananda's message regarding the spiritual initiatives that will soon be launched. I give what I can and will continue to do so and make more of an effort to increase the amounts. As I type this and feel the love from Divine Mother, the Living Gurus, and the Blessed Master, my heart cries out unheard by any God/God/God. thank you and count me in all ways!


Looking forward to attending the convocation in person. Jai Guru

Begonya Plaza-Rosenbluth

Dear Monastics and SRF Volunteers,

I owe everything to the teachings of our guru Paramahansa Yogananda. Thank you for helping me to every day and in every way be brought closer to God, peace, joy, love and my ever eternal consciousness.
I am so full of gratitude, learning to become more humble, honest and courageous in my commitment to God's principles.

Many continued blessings,

Stephen Groak

As Master wrote in his Autobiography of a Yogi, "Lord, Thou hast given this monk a large family!"

M. Damodaran

I am reminded of Guruji’s promise to the two monks who were carrying him down the steps to Hollywood Temple’s India Hall (when he was carrying heavy karmic burden of the disciples in his own body and thus in much physical pain,) “You carry my body, and I will carry your soul.” A promise meant to all of us, Guruji’s disciples, down through the centuries! And, what a blessed opportunity to do our little part to help SRF, Guruji’s “body” to grow even more and touch ever greater numbers of God’s children!

Jai Guru! 🙏🕉️ 💕

Vinai Vohora

It is heartening to see SRF/YSS growing by leaps and bounds. Guruji foresaw this growth, for he said there would be millions who will follow this path. Technology has made it possible to receive this message anywhere in the world. It is with such joy that we can all play our part as Guruji's "little children" , knowing that he leads us to fill our hearts with blessings and grace. Jai guru.

Marilena Scott

What a wonderful family we have!
We are helping the world by following our Great Guru.
Much Love,

Devotee Family

Thank you all Monastics, all the work, commitment to make this Master's body keep going in such an amazing time of transformation of the planet. It all our hearts we will give all we can to support this tremendous work that Master gave to us. We are a family, we are united, we are one with Guru and God.

Kathleen Stanley

The Living Spirit behind the SRF/YSS teachings is truly transformative. Paramahansa Yogananda is a Divine Teacher.
It is a privilege to donate, it really is!

Manuel Cunha

É uma satisfação contribuir para o pedido de nosso querido Irmão Vishwananda e, dentro das minhas possibilidades vou faze-lo para esta maravilhosa família universal da SRF/YSS. Depois de ler "Autobiografia de um Yogue" à cerca de 5 anos a trás, comecei a dar outro valor à vida e a despertar para uma nova realidade, graças também às lições básicas publicadas em Português o ano passado, as quais já estudei e espero a publicação de Kria Yoga no mesmo idioma, para continuar esta caminhada sempre junto de todos os Irmãos, Membros e nosso Amado Guru.
Jay Guru.
Manuel Cunha


Dziękuję Matce Boskiej za Wasze polskie tłumaczenie "Autobiografii jogina". Jest doskonałe.
Dziękuję Guruji za przyjęcie mnie na ucznia.
Niech Bóg Wszechmogący błogosławi SRF/YSS !
Aum, Pokój, Amen

Daisy de Gast

Dear SRF I am so grateful that you have appeared on my path and that I receive a new lesson every week. The way the teaching is written works healing for me and it motivates me to shift my attention from outside to inside. These are small steps from the depths of my soul and I am happy to follow you. Even though in my busy life I do not have an abundance of time to spend with your teachings every minute I spend with you feeds my soul. Little by little my heart opens to the universal love of God and I feel connected to something greater than myself. In loving connection Daisy de Gast


Thanks to all the monastics for their service and Love. I strive daily to be a flower in the bouquets of souls Master lays at the feet of our Heavenly Father. Being given the keys of life by our beloved Master is quite a Blessing. Jai Guru

Alejandra I Peterson

when I was 18 yrs old I read Autobiography of a Yogi. Ever since then, my love and admiration for our Guru Paramahansa Yogananda have grown immensely. My spiritual lessons from SRF have help me more than anything else. Thank you so much for all you. I will be happy to contribute financially for the growth of the organization.

Gerri Bird

Our beloved monastics and lay volunteers are doing the most important work that can be done in this world, I feel. I am so blessed to be a part of this growing SRF/YSS family and to be able contribute in every way I can. My greatest love and gratitude to you all. Om Guru, Jai Guru.


As a SRF/YSS devotee everything I have and will ever have, belongs to Guruji and i owe my allegiance to Him alone. Everything will be returned to our eternal Guru before i pass away. I keep only as much as I need and the rest I always return to YSS. Since, I am a YSS devotee, i will be able to donate here only.


It’s such a blessing and privilege to be part of the ever so growing spiritual family . May guru’s teachings spread wide and far .

Jai guru 😇🙏🏽


Jai Guru 🙏 Dear Swamiji

Thank you so much
My love to all
Jai Guru🙏


Jai Guru Swamiji,

How can I sent help from India. Is there any separate link which I can used to donate.

In Divine Friendship
Jai Guru


Very kind of you to ask! Here is the link to donate to Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS):

In divine friendship,

Christine Wayand

Auch ich kann mich nur anschließen. Ich bin so dankbar, dass mir die Autobiografie of a Yogi empfohlen wurde. Es hat mein Leben verändert. Ich kann jedem nur wünschen, diese innere Ruhe und Frieden zu spüren. Morgen beginnt der SRF Retreat in Lindau am Bodensee. Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf! Vielen Dank liebes SRF Team, dass ihr das ermöglicht und die wunderbare Lehre in die Welt hinaus tragt. Jai Guru!

Ana Lucía Escobar

Conocer al Maestro y sus enseñanzas es lo mejor que me ha sucedido en la vida. Estoy convencida de que SRF tiene una extraordinaria misión en este mundo especialmente en estos momentos que está viviendo. Gracias al Círculo Mundial de Oración podemos ayudar a tantas personas y en tantas circunstancias que de otra manera sería imposible.


Dear Monastics and all volunteers
A heartfelt thank you for all you do to help the whole world in becoming a better place to live .
The online meditations, services, lessons ,convocations have been a blessing in my life and I am sure in the lives of many others around the globe . Especially for people who live far from the the USA or India .
I do not have many skills to be able to help out online . However what ever little thing I can do locally comes from my heart .
Bless you all we are all so grateful .

Jai Guru

Randal Mapstead

Jai Guru - I make my monthly contribution using auto pay from my bank account to further share my Guru's Love as someone did for me. I am eternally grateful to my wife for handing me the Autobiography of a Yogi when I attended San Diego State in 1973. The San Diego Temple - when I first walked over the threshold and sat in the beautiful chapel - I was home! and these were the people I wanted to be with! The minister said we were going to meditate - he didn't lecture me - in the language of my heart. Divine Mother here I come. "Lord given me more love to love you with." Om Peace Amen

Brenda Andresen

We are blessed beyond description. I owe my life to Master. What a blessed spiritual family we are a part of!! Thank you all!


We all will do our best to serve Guruji's work. Thank you so much to Brother and all the monks and nuns for keeping the SRF-YSS teachings pure and scared as intended by Guruji. Jai Guru🙏🙏🙏

Sharadananda Mondal

Jai Guru!
I cannot describe in words how much the digital presence of the Guru's teachings and online meditation has helped me. It has created the much needed spiritual vibe and fulfilled the need of a constant spiritual companion essential for spiritual growth and well being. I pray to the God and the Gurus for the Guru's work:s outreach to each of the souls seeking God realisations and God devotion across the globe.
Jai Guru!

David Yturralde

Thank You, to all the monastics and Brother Vishwananda for this letter and keeping everyone informed about your current challenges and efforts to continuing to spread the important and transformative Spiritual Work of Paramahansa Yogananda, Yogi mystic and saint!

Sue Ellen Bohning

There are no words to describe my gratitude for the answers to all my questions, and to the longing of my soul to begin the journey back home. In addition, SRF has helped me since 2003 and in particular with the death of my only son, and with that of my husband in 2023. I see SRF as the hope in these times we are all in as well. So much love has come from God and Gurus.
In divine friendship,
Sue Ellen

Carmen Silvia de Godoy Santos

I’m so grateful for everything you have done for us . The meditation online, Elder Forum meetings, VLD retreats and the streamings as well as the weekly inspirational services are of vital importance to enhance our spiritual life.


Blessings to you Brother Vishwananda, and all the monastics who are always finding new ways to inspire us by word and example. Jai Guru.


Gracias amigos queridos. Mi amado Yaganandaji es tan amoroso!!! Gracias por todo.

Sylvia Salgado

Dear SRF Monastics all over the world,
Thank you for all you do for our beloved Master’s sacred mission.
Thank you for trusting us and reach out in this beautiful endeavor.
It will be a pleasure to be of service financially and in any way at our Temple .

Lorain Brinton

In 1973 I lived in San Diego and was called by Gurudev to attend the SRF temple. It is now 2024, I live in the Pacific Northwest, I am 86 years old. With the blessings of the online meditation center , Convocation and weekly talks on the computer, I am connected to Gurji and SRF in a most blessed way.


Thank you for all of your work in bringing the Blessings of Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings to this World! However, if you could make it more affordable to receive the Lessons, especially to people who may be affected by financial considerations, in these challenging times, it seems that the teachings in the Lessons are very much needed by everyone. Please consider what Babaji said to Lahiri Mayasays : "Give Kriya to All Sincere Seekers". It would be well to be aware how high costs can financially put up obstacles for Sincere Seekers. What would Paramahansaji want? Jai Guru!


Thank you for your thoughtfulness. The Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons are priced to be as affordable as SRF can make them, thanks to the generosity of its members and friends. SRF would never turn anyone away because of financial difficulties. Anyone who would like to enroll in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons but can’t afford the cost is encouraged to get in touch with Membership Services for assistance:

Anahit Moradian

My dear Guru brothers and sisters,

More or less the individual and international problems are always there, but how lucky we are to have our Guru Bapu to protect, help and guid us to our real home in God.

Jai Guruji 🙏🕉️

Lisa de Vincent

It was comforting to see Brother Vishwananda‘s photo. I support anything that keeps SRF going. SRF has made a HUGE difference in my life.


Dear Monastics and Spiritual Family,

Thank you for this exciting update. Guruji seemed to always have been at the cutting edge of every avenue when it came to fulfilling His special dispensation, and it feels as if nothing has changed. My heartfelt gratitude for all you do for our Divine Gurudeva's work. I can't imagine life without it.

Jai Guru!

Rae DeVito

Bliss fills my heart as I’ve seen such a vibrant outreach around the world through the Internet to reach people with Master’s message. The exciting new plans you have to ensure our physical history remains strong while also finding new ways to enter SRF’s life changing message to souls worldwide brings tears of joy. Blessings as this journey continues to blossom and grow.


The Guru, His teachings and the Sangha are the three "Kingly gifts" SRF/YSS selflessly offers to the world. Peace unto the world and Goodwill to all mankind surely flows through them and to those that are "baptised in their Holy Stream". Shine on, You crazy diamonds of the Eternal Lightning!

Peter Kittredge

While I was in College in the early 1980s. A friend of mine gave me a small paperback version of the Autobiography of a Yogi. At the time I was an education major at a State University. Due to this book I changed to Psychology as I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the mind. After studying other Spiritual paths ,I felt it was time to sign up for the for the lessons.
In these frightening times we live in I pray every day that people will follow the inner call for a better world that we intuitively all desire.

Nerida Ahern

As so many have said, thankyou, thankyou thankyou to all the SRF world wide family.
I cannot put into words the great comfort, companion and Divine friendship that the Guru lineage has afforded me through my life and the constant service of the nuns and monks.
The online availability of these essential teachings are indispensable to humanity for the changes needed in consciousness and are a necessary lifeline for myself in a difficult world.
As I can , I deem it a privilege to help .
Jau Guru

Kristoffer Carter

I am so grateful to be alive at this time— to witness the Divine fulfillment of “yoga encircling the globe”. Always grateful to be of service and to support this sacred work. Thank you, as always, for the uplifting and very clear communication. We stand at the ready! Jai Guru!

Terra Kelsey

What a privilege it is, to serve the Guru's great work in so many ways!
It is a joy to know that a world wide influx of seekers are reaching out to this refuge of inspiration, support, divine love and fellowship offered by YSS/SRF. Thank you for keeping us up to date on the changes, innovations and programs being developed to support this growing family, and thank you for all you do.

M. Lynn Walker

In the face of the critical world conditions, your letter was so uplifting and hopeful for all of us. SRF - ever growing, uplifting and invigorating devotees worldwide through your creative and divine genius. Om Guruji !

Karen Dardick

I read this wonderful letter with great joy to learn Master’s work is spreading, as he had envisioned, and we are so blessed to be part of this. Master gives us the key to heaven and we are privileged to be able to share his much needed love and wisdom.

Margaret LambertKaren Dardick

Brian and I also read this letter in comfort and joy that this important work continues to expand. We have received much are excited to continue our support and offer our prayers. We are also happy to see familiar friends, too!

Maia Joy Oden

I'm so grateful for the SRF lessons and the videos that are posted that I received via email. Although I cannot contribute financially at this time, know that I am with you in spirit and my prayers are with you all 🙏💕🎶 In Guru's Grace

Tom Mercer

Dear Monastics and SRF Volunteers,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Like so many of Master's devotees, I am ever grateful that through your unselfish service you protect and spread Master's teachings.

Jai Guru,

Federico Parente, London Canada, SRF Meditation CircleTom Mercer

We are so proud of the ongoing work that Mother Center has been carrying out around the world in Master's Name.
Every aspect of SRF/YSS work is both timely and far reaching in bringing Master's great dispensation into the World.
So many monastics and others give so much of their energies and inspirations to keep this holy
legacy to millions in this difficult world. Blessings and gratitude in the name of the Great Ones ......
Our continued support and gratitude will be forthcoming !

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