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    Convocation Registration

    2021 SRF World Convocation
    We are again planning to present a fully online Convocation in 2021, details of which will be shared in early 2021.

    The 2020 SRF World Convocation program is still available.
    If you have already registered for Convocation, you can continue to experience the full offering of all Convocation events, including four interactive pilgrimages, on our website. If you have not yet registered please do so here to immerse yourself in this special online event. A playlist of 26 classes, meditations, and kirtans from Convocation is also available on the SRF YouTube channel (and does not require registration).

    Supplement Lessons

    Now Available.
    The Supplement Lessons—available to Lessons students who have completed the basic series of SRF Lessons—present Paramahansa Yogananda’s personal instruction, compiled from his classes and writings, for SRF students. This series of Lessons contains in-depth presentations of key subjects that build on what was learned in the first eighteen Lessons.

    Learn more

    Advanced Lessons

    Not yet available. Information will be announced closer to their release date.

    The series of Advanced Lessons will be available to those who have received Kriya Yoga. These present Paramahansa Yogananda’s deeper instruction in many of the principles and techniques of the SRF Kriya Yoga path.

    SRF/YSS Voluntary League of Lay Disciples

    More details about this exciting new project will be available later this year. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive announcements and additional details as they become available.

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    Is SRF offering online or streaming services?

    During the current difficult times—in which SRF temples, centers, and groups have had to temporarily cancel Sunday services—we will be offering inspirational services online. View this week’s service.

    We also offer daily online livestreamed group meditations at the SRF Online Meditation Center.

    I have finished Lesson 18 in the basic series of the SRF Lessons — what is my next step?

    Kriya Yoga Lessons
    If you are already a Kriyaban and have not yet enrolled for the new edition of the Kriya Yoga Lessons, we invite you to do so now.

    If you are not yet a Kriyaban, you are now eligible to apply for initiation in Kriya Yoga (information about applying for Kriya Yoga was included with Lesson 17).

    Learn more and apply for Kriya Yoga

    Supplement Lessons and Satsanga With Paramahansa Yogananda Series
    The Supplement Lessons are now available. Learn more

    The release date for the Satsanga With Paramahansa Yogananda series has not yet been determined, but will be announced at a later time on our website and through email communications. Descriptions of these additional offerings can be found in the Lessons Program section of our website.

    How do I find an SRF location near me?

    All of our centers and groups are currently closed due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Please view our weekly online service page. We also offer daily online livestreamed group meditations at the SRF Online Meditation Center.

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