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    Self-Realization Magazine

    Self-Realization magazine

    Welcome to the online home of Self-Realization — a magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul — one of the longest running Yoga magazines in the world.

    Created in 1925 by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, for nearly one hundred years Self-Realization has been introducing seekers of higher consciousness to the timeless universal truths of Yoga, India's ancient science of uniting the soul with Spirit and living a life of harmony and well-being.

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    In 2021, Self-Realization became a combination of a print and online magazine. This new hybrid form of the magazine offers a rich assortment of online material and a special annual print and digital issue — and takes its place alongside the vast array of multimedia inspirational and instructional content now provided by Self-Realization Fellowship.

    With this next phase in the magazine’s evolution, Self-Realization will continue to help many thousands worldwide understand that they can put into practice the time-tested techniques of Yoga and the practical “how-to-live” spirituality brought by Paramahansa Yogananda to transform their lives and attain their highest potential in body, mind, and soul.


    A digital collection of inspiring articles and audio talks

    Subscribers to Self-Realization magazine can read the current issue in the new online library as well as many articles from past issues. This exceptional wisdom-resource includes hundreds of pages of material from Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Daya Mata, and other favorite authors whose words were eagerly absorbed by past Self-Realization readers.

    Also available to subscribers are audio streams of CDs included with the magazine over the years — with unlimited listening.

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    “I will talk to you all...”

    After arriving in the West from India and founding Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920, Paramahansa Yogananda soon began to travel to cities across America to give public lectures and classes on the teachings of Kriya Yoga, India's ancient science of Self-realization reintroduced in modern times by his line of gurus. Yogananda began publishing his magazine in 1925, as a means of providing regular contact with the thousands of students from his classes in distant cities, saying: “I will talk to you all through the columns of this magazine.”

    To this day, Self-Realization has provided readers with previously unpublished talks and writings from Paramahansa Yogananda and his spiritual successors and other close disciples on the yoga science of meditation and art of balanced spiritual living.


    A unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern thought

    As stated under the title, Self-Realization is “a magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul — healing the body of disease by proper diet, right living, and recharging the body with God’s all-powerful cosmic energy; removing inharmonies and inefficiency from the mind by concentration, constructive thinking, and cheerfulness; and freeing the ever-perfect soul from the bonds of spiritual ignorance by meditation.”

    Self-Realization presents a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern thought, with fascinating and informative articles providing insight on a wide range of subjects, including:

    • The essential role of meditation for a happy life and a peaceful world
    • The “how-to-live” principles necessary for people of all ages
    • Finding balance and simplicity despite outer complexity and conflicts
    • The nature of life, death, and reincarnation
    • A spiritual perspective on world events and global civilization
    • Developing mind power, calmness, and abundant physical and mental health
    • Creating a personal relationship with the Divine and healthy relationships with others and self
    • The intersection of modern science and ancient Indian philosophy

    We have maybe 100 or more Self-Realization magazines on our bookshelf going back a few decades. Everything in the magazine points the reader to seek, connect with, and become immersed in the Divine. Sometimes reading just one or two paragraphs brings a wealth of understanding and guidance that endures in my memory as I go within.

    T. L., Florida

    A sampling of articles and audio talks

    Below are a collection of articles and audio talks from the Self-Realization magazine online library. For full access to many more articles and talks, subscribe now.

    Sample magazine articles

    “Yoga and the Emotions: Emotional Maturity for Health, Happiness, and Self-realization” by Paramahansa Yogananda

    “Courage to Face Our Fears” by Sri Daya Mata

    “The Yoga Sadhana That Brings God’s Love and Bliss” by Sri Mrinalini Mata

    “Purchasing Eternity: Applying the Power of Economic Principles to Achieve Our Spiritual Goals” by Swati Mukherjee

    “Are We Really Entering a Better Age?” by Brother Anandamoy

    “Practicing the Divine Presence” by Brother Bhaktananda

    Sample audio talks

    Sri Daya Mata: “A Blessing From Mahavatar Babaji”

    Brother Chidananda: “Yoga — The Quintessence of Spirituality”

    Brother Vishwananda: “Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding the Twists and Turns of Life”

    Brother Jayananda: “Living Fearlessly — Overcoming the Causes of Stress and Worry”

    Letters to SRF

    “Letters to SRF” has long been a favorite section of Self-Realization magazine — sharing messages from readers all over the world about their experiences in applying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and their own inspiration to dive ever more deeply into the pursuit of joy, success, and communion with the Divine. We will be carrying on this tradition on this page, to keep celebrating the voices and aspirations of those who have made the SRF path their own.

    Selections from 2022

    Fifteen years ago, I put my hand in Paramahansa Yogananda’s hand and resolved to hold it there throughout my life. That was the BEST decision I ever made! Regular study and practice of Master’s teachings have helped me tremendously in every area of my life, from health, relationships, worldly success, and most importantly in finding God. Lately, through the Online Meditation Center, I have found that regular study and practice of the Energization Exercises have opened within me a depth of experience of the Great Spirit of Life that I never knew was possible. Thank you to the great master Paramahansa Yogananda and to the wonderful people at SRF.

    — D. F., New York


    The teachings of SRF are opening up a new world to me. Before this study, I did not believe in God. But now I know and believe that I am always with God. As I read the Lessons, I often shed tears. Very often, while meditating, I feel that I have become one with God. And I know every day that God hears my prayers. When I wake up in the morning, I say, “Today, I am with God.” This is so surprising. My life will be different now.

    — H. J. K., South Korea


    Twelve weeks ago I moved to a new city where I absolutely don’t know a single person, except one lady, who does not want to even hear about this path or any religion. So I am totally alone, feeling as if I made a vow of silence, and if it was not for the inner invisible Master and all your videos and wonderful material online, I would not have survived this absolute loneliness. I listen daily to some discourse or some special online celebration. I was even on my own on Christmas Day but Master did make sure that I got hold of a copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi, which I am reading for the fourth time already. That is a story for another day!

    This is a very hard time for me at present, and I am sure it is intended for me to pay off a lot of karma, but at the same time I am given strength and support by Master. Of that I am sure, or I would have broken down under the strain. So thank you for all your inspiring talks and guided meditation help.

    — J. W., South Africa


    It was the online services and meditations that sustained me spiritually during these difficult times of the pandemic and they continue to deeply inspire me. They are very important for all of us devotees. Not everyone has the opportunity to go on a retreat with monastics, and not everyone has the opportunity to do long meditations. There are places here in Brazil, and I think all over the world, that don’t even have a small temple. In online services and meditations we all feel connected, we give each other strength. Online services and meditations are a blessing of our beloved Guru. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

    — E. S., Brazil


    Although I have known about Gurudeva and of the SRF path all my life, I am guilty of fleeing from him for many years.

    For, though I knew His love
    Who followèd,
    Yet was I sore adread
    Lest, having Him, I must have naught beside…
    I said to Dawn: Be sudden — to Eve: Be soon;
    With thy young skiey blossoms heap me over
    From this tremendous Lover….

    It’s surprising how aptly Mr. Francis Thompson related my own story in these lines from his poem, “The Hound of Heaven.” After many years of starting a meditation routine, breaking it, and fretting over my lack of discipline, there came this one special day that I poured my heart out to Guruji and asked for help. I lay the onus of harnessing my weak mind at his feet and lo! I have not since missed my meditations morning and evening along with reading SRF Lessons. All I had to do was ask!

    Gurudeva is ever in my heart. I perceive his perpetual guidance in books, talks, conversations with loved ones, and thoughts — especially those after meditation. He was always talking to me but I am only starting to “hear” him now. I shudder at the memory that I once ran from this tremendous Lover!


    I want to thank all the SRF monastics and volunteers for your incredible tireless work, preserving and disseminating Guruji’s teachings. You make a huge impact on my life as well as on countless lives worldwide. I cannot imagine my life without Kriya Yoga. The new Lessons are amazing. I always look forward to receiving them as a special treat. The Saturday weekly talks also are wonderful and provide much needed inspiration and useful advice. The books and audio/video add extra value. All add up to provide a complete life-changing experience and path. Keep on your spirited and indispensable work, it is much appreciated.

    — G. S., Israel


    I want to encourage all devotees to constantly and continuously reread all of Master’s Lessons. There is so much detail hidden in plain sight! And as we progress in our meditation process the skin of the onion peels off the teachings to reveal more and more of the great Truths. I am astounded at how much of the details of the teachings I have overlooked.

    So don’t assume that because you have studied the Lessons even several times, that you have dug the pick axe of your learning deeply enough!

    — J. Y., New York


    I am 57 years old and feel such a profound sense of peace and joy that I have finally found what I have been searching for my entire life. I just completed my informal Kriya Yoga Initiation Ceremony at home and am stepping into my new life as a Kriyaban. Words cannot express the love, gratitude, and joy I feel. Thank you! I look forward to faithfully serving God and Gurus with you as a fellow member of SRF.

    — D. C., Florida


    I would like to tell you about my wonderful readers in the Voluntary League of Disciples “Devotees Serving Devotees” Reading Program.

    I’m 95 years old and have been a devotee since 1970. I have read the books but it’s different when someone reads the same words to you out aloud. The Autobiography of a Yogi, God Alone, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Lessons — everything seems much clearer. My readers speak slowly and I follow in my book. I find the reading program helps me to feel closer to Master and I am remembering more of Master’s teachings!

    I am grateful for this reading program and my wonderful readers!

    — J. A., California


    Selections from 2021

    The new magazine is just fabulous. Just to see the prayer written out, “Dip Me in Thine Infinite Depths,” the affirmation which I have been practicing, “By Your Grace and Power I Will Succeed,” and the Convocation summaries are glorious reminders to “Keep On Keeping On!!!”

    — H. S., North Carolina


    I am writing to say that SRF Lesson 24 of the Supplement Series [“The Science of Habits and Self-Control”] arrived, and has been earth-shaking to me, in its poignancy and relevance for this moment in my life. You are doing amazing work to bring this divine, refreshing, “water of life” from the consciousness of Guruji to my door.

    — J. M., Wisconsin


    I am in my sixth year of devotional study. And the progress I am achieving is amazing. One of my most important discoveries is the need to continually reread the SRF Lessons.

    First of all, as Master [Paramahansa Yogananda] wrote, we all need to perfect our techniques as per the instructions. Not for the sake of being perfect, but for the sake of properly allowing us to achieve Self-realization.

    Secondly, as we do progress at whatever the pace, the Lessons take on new meanings. As we increase the depth, length, and quality of our meditations, new insights are available when we reread the Lessons.

    My morning practice has now expanded to two hours so easily and so effortlessly. I am always astounded at how quickly time can disappear when the mind is quieted.

    I look forward to the path in front of me. Nothing could be so meaningful. And I owe greatest thanks to Master, who I now acknowledge has always been watching over me.

    — J. Y., New York


    The online meditations with the monastics are so incredibly wonderful—the inspirational services, talks, the special long meditations, online retreats, the Sadhana Sangam last weekend. What tremendous blessings for all of us! The meditations by the non-monastic members have been wonderful too but being able to meditate with Swami Chidanandaji and the YSS sannyasis is really a special blessing.

    For me, this past year has been wonderful in many ways, even with some difficulties like everyone else.

    BUT, the biggest thing is the new Lessons! They are monumental, incredible! It’s beyond imagination that they could be so wonderful. The auxiliary material is stupendous — the recordings of Guruji's voice from talks not previously available are so wonderful. Thanks eternally to God and Guruji, to Sri Mrinalini Mataji and to Swami Chidanandaji for them. In the last few days, I have been viewing again the online meditation with the monks kirtan group from 2020 SRF World Convocation. It's so powerful. Om Guru! Om Kali!

    — A devotee, Hong Kong


    Rather than feeling cut off, disconnected, or depressed in any way [due to Covid-19 restrictions], I was incredibly grateful for the online meditations, the ability to attend Convocation online last year, and the weekly talks posted on YouTube. During this time when many, many people have been becoming increasingly depressed and disillusioned, I am finding just the opposite. The solitude, and cancellation of so many social events has been a welcome change. It has given me time to work on my house, garden, meditate, pray and read. I am feeling more and more that despite the perils of Covid-19, we have been given an opportunity to slow down, examine all that has not worked in society, meditate, pray, and build a more harmonious world. Without the wisdom and insights from Master's writings, I would probably be one of millions of people wallowing in fear and misery, so I am grateful beyond words.

    Master and SRF have been my fresh air, optimism, sense of sanity, and all that is good and right in the world during this historic time.

    — M. Q., Canada


    The enduring efforts of those at Mother Center have given me the spiritual tools to carry on with little or no interference from the outside world during the particular events of 2020 - 21. For this I am truly thankful. For without that spiritual understanding, my perception of this world at this time would not have been as easily adaptive. These wonderful challenges (as I see them) have led me to discover the even greater spiritual strengths and fortitude that lay within me!

    — V. G., Maryland


    I have two boys (ages 9 and 6). They are absolutely loving the Lake Shrine youth videos on the website. Thank you so much for including our little ones in SRF’s online interactions. Every day they both eagerly ask me if a new episode has come out yet.

    The videos have such a calming effect on them — I can see it soothing them in real-time. They are very receptive to what the teacher or monastic is saying, and they actually respond to the questions given to them over the screen. They also take part in the little prayers and meditations as well, which are both just short enough to not make them feel restless. Lastly, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the thing they look most forward to is finding Sammy the Swan in a new hiding place in each video (the more interactive the video, the better the participation!).

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have been doing these video series. It is helping to fill the void of not being able to do Sunday school at the New York City center. I think it is so important in this day and age for the youth to have a consistent form of digital contact with Master and the SRF teachings in the way that us adults have with the online services and meditations.

    Endless gratitude to SRF for stepping up the digital presence at just the right time.

    — B. R., New York


    I write to you with deep respect and admiration that I feel for you for the selfless work that you do, it touches my feelings deep in my being and, I will never stop saying it! And, more so nowadays, mankind is in need of this spiritual strengthening. The events that have been happening in the world many people do not understand: All is part of God’s drama.

    I thank our Heavenly Father for having allowed me to learn these teachings, for bringing me to this path, and providing the Lessons and books that I need. I happily received In the Sanctuary of the Soul, very enlightening and useful, and Paramahansa Yogananda: In Memoriam about Master’s last days. At times, I felt as if I were living those moments. I humbly thank God and you again and again for the events written in this book.

    — J. P., Cuba


    Thank you so much for encouraging me to apply for, receive, and study the new Lessons! It is hard to quantify how much of a difference they have made in my life since I’ve been studying and practicing them.

    The old Lessons were wonderful, clear, and inspiring, but the new ones are like the second half of The Wizard of Oz movie; all that was being taught went from black and white to technicolor!

    — P. F., Florida


    I would like to tell the story of how I found SRF. And maybe it is not that I found you but more how I was directed to where I should be. I really feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization.

    Growing up, I had a knowing of God. My mother instilled little things like, “God's testing you” or “God's watching over you.” I used to go in church and sprinkle holy water on me and try to understand who God is. I started journaling to God when I was 10. My life took a turn around 13 and contact with God was nil for many years. As I look back, there were so many times that I was being guided and carried through tough times. In 2008, I was 29, I made a decision to completely change my life. I changed my daily routine to contact God in the morning and night as well as learn to meditate. Life carried on like this for many years. I got married and had 2 children. My relationship with God got stronger and stronger. I was baptized in 2016, at a community church where I live. I did this to give thanks to Jesus for helping me change my life. I didn't continue at the church because I knew there was more to what I seeking. In 2017, I came across a book which referenced Autobiography of a Yogi and I had this utter determination to get it and follow the direction. I went to a silent weekend retreat and read it in 2½ days. From there I researched and found an SRF center near my home. I bought books, went to services, and continued learning. One of the most important things was that SRF is a church of all religions. I have a yearning to be a part of something bigger. The fact that SRF tries to unite all completes my belief. I became a member of SRF in 2017. I am starting over with the new Lessons and I am hoping to apply for Kriya Yoga.

    — N. C., Michigan


    I wanted to share an experience my six-year old daughter had after watching the youth program video “Journey to Lake Shrine for Youth (Part 1).” She was completely engrossed in what she saw, doing the mini meditations and laughing her heart out. She listened raptly to the stories and even fed the fishes along with the narrator! She loved every bit of the video (and so did I and my three-year old daughter).

    Then something amazing happened. After the program, she said, “Mom, I don’t feel like watching any more TV. I just want to be near nature because that’s where God is.” And she kept looking outside towards our backyard.”

    After a little while, she happened to gaze outside in the backyard and there she saw a beautiful little bird. It was white and blue and it seemed to her as if it was a sign from God. She exclaimed: “Mom, God is actually listening to my heart! Look, He sent a little bird just for me!” She was full of joy for the rest of the day.

    No amount of words can convey my sincere gratitude to the Divine Mother, to the Great Ones, to our Gurudeva, and to all of you. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, your love, and determination in carrying out Guruji's work.

    — P. S., California


    Further inspirations from our website

    In the past couple of decades our world has seen huge changes in the way information and instruction is published and distributed to worldwide audiences. Self-Realization Fellowship has evolved and benefitted from this in many ways, increasingly providing a broad spectrum of multimedia offerings online to help SRF students — and those discovering SRF for the first time — to experience in a greater way the global spiritual community and fellowship that Paramahansa Yogananda envisioned for SRF.

    Additionally, there has been a recent milestone in the dissemination of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings of Kriya Yoga. In 2019, Self-Realization Fellowship launched the complete and enhanced edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, which includes the most in-depth presentation of Paramahansaji’s teachings and techniques ever published, drawing extensively from the totality of his more than thirty years of writing, lecturing, and personal instruction to devotees.

    Through all these programs, the flow of inspiration that began modestly with publication of the first issue of our magazine in 1925 has expanded exponentially, making the wisdom of Paramahansaji’s teachings accessible to seekers on an unprecedented scale, far beyond what was possible when he inaugurated the magazine.

    Scroll to learn about and find links to examples of these offerings on our site.

    Weekly online inspirational services with guided meditations

    In 2020, SRF began offering weekly online inspirational talks with guided meditations, featuring beloved teachers from past years such as Sri Daya Mata, Sri Mrinalini Mata, Brother Anandamoy, and others, in addition to current SRF ministers. These videos are housed permanently on our website and YouTube channel.


    Video talks, meditations, and timely messages from SRF/YSS President Brother Chidananda

    Talks and current messages from SRF/YSS presidents — the spiritual successors of Paramahansa Yogananda — have been a key feature of Self-Realization magazine. This tradition continues with insight and inspiration from SRF President Brother Chidananda available on our Blog and in the annual print issue of our magazine. Additionally, videos of guided meditations led by Brother Chidananda are available.


    Self-Realization Fellowship News

    For many readers of Self-Realization magazine throughout the years, catching up with the “SRF News” section of the magazine has been of great interest. You can access regular updates about SRF — with many photos and videos — through the news section of our Blog. In addition, highlights from the year will be published in the annual print issues.


    Content for children and youth

    Over the years, Self-Realization magazine brought coverage of various SRF youth programs to its readership. You can learn more about the programs that SRF offers for children and teens, as well as view a special five-part video program for youth entitled “Journey to Lake Shrine” at the link below.


    Annual SRF World Convocation

    Paramahansa Yogananda started the SRF World Convocation, an annual gathering in Los Angeles of students of the SRF path from around the world, in 1950. A weeklong immersion in the SRF teachings and techniques of meditation, the annual Convocation is a chance for those who are able to step away from other obligations and fully absorb their hearts and minds in the uplifting current of Paramahansaji's "how-to-live" wisdom in order to face the challenges of life anew. In 2021, SRF presented its second fully online World Convocation. The link below will take you to the special 2021 Convocation section of our website, where you can still attend, free of charge, all of the events or link to our YouTube playlist of classes, meditations, and kirtans (periods of devotional chanting).


    SRF Online Meditation Center

    In 2019 Self-Realization Fellowship launched the SRF Online Meditation Center, which offers an extensive daily schedule of group meditations for students of the SRF teachings — as well as anyone new to meditation. Most are conducted by longtime SRF lay members, in several languages and convenient for all time zones. In addition, weekly group meditations are led by SRF monastics. There are also study groups for the SRF Lessons and Paramahansa Yogananda’s commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita and the four Gospels of the New Testament.


    The SRF Lessons

    For those who wish to take the inspiration of Self-Realization magazine, as well as the profound truths in Autobiography of a Yogi, and fully integrate SRF's “how-to-live” principles and the techniques of meditation into their own lives, Paramahansa Yogananda created the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, a comprehensive home-study course presenting his personal and in-depth instruction in the science of meditation and art of balanced spiritual living. Go to the link below to learn more and start on this journey of joy-filled transformation.


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