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    You may be surprised at what seclusion with God will do for your mind, body, and soul....Through the portals of silence the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you.

    Paramahansa Yogananda

    SRF Retreats and How-to-Live Retreat Programs

    Self-Realization Fellowship’s How-to-Live Retreat programs are open to anyone seeking spiritual renewal and who desires to leave behind the pressures of everyday life — if only for a few days — to deepen their awareness of the Divine. The daily Retreat programs provide, in the words of Paramahansa Yogananda, “a dynamo of silence where [you] may go for the exclusive purpose of being recharged by the Infinite.”

    Lake Shrine Mist On Lake 1280 Px Ls 4656Adjust Lab

    Retreat Activities

    Retreat activities include daily group meditations, practice of the SRF Energization Exercises, inspirational classes and programs, and where available, services at nearby SRF temples. There is also ample free time to relax and enjoy God’s presence in the beautiful retreat settings. Self-Realization Fellowship books and recordings are available for private listening and study, and the Retreat chapels are open for meditation.

    Two types of How-to-Live Retreat programs are offered:

    General retreats are loosely structured, with classes and inspirational programs, and opportunities for spiritual counseling. Participants join SRF monastics in their morning and evening periods of meditation.

    Conducted weekend retreats, in addition to the above, offer a concentrated program of classes, led by monks and nuns of the SRF monastic order, on the SRF teachings and meditation techniques. Conducted retreats are scheduled at SRF Retreat facilities on many weekends throughout the year — and at various other locations around the world.

    To maximize the effects of the retreat experience, guests are expected to participate in the full retreat program and not to engage in other activities during the time of their stay.

    Planning Your First Retreat?

    While it is not necessary to be a member of Self-Realization Fellowship to participate in our retreat program, it is important that guests be familiar with meditation and be comfortable spending their time at the retreat in silence. For those new to the SRF teachings or to meditation, a stay of two or three days is usually suggested for a first retreat. For more information please contact Self-Realization Fellowship Headquarters.

    Locations & Reservations


    Participate in silent retreats to renew body, mind, and soul.

    To make a reservation, please contact the retreat of your choice directly.

    United States

    Lake Shrine Retreat (Pacific Palisades, California) — Reservations Now Open

    Lake Shrine Retreat drone shot

    You can now request reservations online to stay at the Lake Shrine Retreat. Retreats are currently self-conducted and held on the weekends. Over time we will reintroduce monastic-conducted retreat programs, as well as providing visitors the opportunity to stay at this Retreat for longer periods than in the past.

    17190 Sunset Boulevard
    Pacific Palisades, California 90272 USA

    For more information or reservations, please visit the Lake Shrine Retreat website.

    Telephone: +1 (310) 459-4740
    9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific time, Wednesday through Sunday
    FAX: (310) 459-8716 (available 24 hours a day)


    Encinitas Retreat — Plans for a Redesigned Program in 2024

    Encinitas Temple

    Plans are currently underway to offer a program for personal retreats in Encinitas as soon as we are able, so that you may again experience a renewing spiritual immersion at this SRF location. The new retreat program will offer:

    • retreat accommodations adjacent to the Encinitas Ashram Center grounds,
    • a program of group meditations and inspirational services with the Encinitas Temple community, and special meditations led for retreatants
    • retreatant access to the Encinitas Hermitage and the beautiful, cliff-side meditation gardens.

    We look forward to your benefiting from this Encinitas program once it is available in 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

    215 K Street
    Encinitas, California 92024-5040 USA


    Hidden Valley Ashram — Guest Program for Men Now Open

    Hidden Valley Temple

    Guest programs for men are available at the SRF Hidden Valley Ashram. Participants can stay for longer periods, providing a unique opportunity to engage in personal meditation, study, and introspection, and some of the other activities at the ashram.

    16455 Old Guejito Grade Road
    Escondido, CA 92027

    To request a reservation at the SRF Hidden Valley Ashram, please visit the Hidden Valley Ashram website.


    Telephone: +1 (760) 749-3399


    Greenfield Retreat

    Greenfield Front Royal Virginia Temple

    The Greenfield Retreat is located in the Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, amidst a lush deciduous forest. Three cottages are available for women to enjoy private retreats. During private retreats, women are invited to meditate with the monastics daily and may participate in service activities. For more details, please call our retreat number listed below.

    2660 John Marshall Hwy.
    Front Royal, Virginia 22630 USA

    For more information or reservations, please visit the Greenfield website.

    Telephone: +1 (540) 635-5066


    International Retreats

    Bermersbach, Germany

    Bermersbach Retreat Germany

    The Bermersbach Retreat is located in the Black Forest, one of Germany’s most picturesque locales, amidst mountains, meadows, streams, and forests with readily accessible foot and bike paths. The spacious building and grounds includes a chapel, kitchen and dining room, a comfortable library/living room, and landscaped lawns and meditation areas in the gardens.

    For more information or reservations, please visit the Bermersbach Retreat website.


    Telephone: +49 (07228) 968 969


    Retiro de Armação

    Armacao Brazil Retreat

    The facility fronts the Atlantic Ocean, and offers guests beach access, peaceful meditation gardens, and expansive ocean vistas.

    Retreats conducted by SRF lay members are offered during the summer and winter months, as well as on special weekends throughout the year.

    Once or twice a year, Self-Realization Fellowship monastics from the International Headquarters conduct a special retreat which, in addition to the regular program, includes inspirational services and classes on various aspects of the Self-Realization Fellowship teachings.

    Individual retreats are available year-round.

    Avenida Itapocoroi, 1393
    Armação - Penha
    Santa Catarina, Brazil

    For more information or reservations, please visit the Armação Retreat website.


    Telephone: +55 (47) 3345-5600