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Journey to Lake Shrine Video Series

We are happy to present an online experience especially for youth: “Journey to Lake Shrine.” This five-part video series was created by SRF’s Youth Services Department in light of our in-person youth programs currently being on hold due to the pandemic, and as a way to connect youth around the world in an ever-greater bond of joyful spirituality and supportive fellowship.

Each of the five episodes in the “Journey to Lake Shrine” series is structured as a day of learning and fun, similar to a day at an in-person youth program.

Though created especially for youth, this special video series can be enjoyed by all ages. Look for further installments in upcoming weeks!

“Journey to Lake Shrine” includes:

  • stories about Paramahansa Yogananda and the Lake Shrine's early days
  • information about Lake Shrine’s wildlife, unique buildings, and special features
  • short guided meditations led by monastics and affirmation practices to help youth easily and effectively apply “how-to-live” principles. 

Journey to Lake Shrine: Part 1

Journey to Lake Shrine: Part 2

Journey to Lake Shrine: Part 3

Journey to Lake Shrine: Part 4

Journey to Lake Shrine: Part 5


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