SRF Monastic Visits — Updated Images From Spring 2024!

July 05, 2024

Welcome to the final installment of this photo essay depicting SRF members and friends around the world participating in visits made by Self-Realization Fellowship monastics in spring 2024.

SRF monks and nuns conduct a wide variety of inspirational events, including public lectures on the “how-to-live” teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda; weekend retreat programs, group meditations, kirtan devotional chanting, answering spiritual questions in satsanga, and providing individual spiritual counseling at SRF meditation centers and groups; and Kriya Yoga initiations, where eligible SRF Lessons students have the opportunity to participate in the sacred ceremonies and enter the guru-disciple relationship with Paramahansa Yogananda.

Auckland, Nelson, Wellington, and Christchurch, New Zealand

20240202 04 Auckland NZ IMG 3837 exp2
In February, Brother Keshavananda and Brahmachari Pierre traveled to New Zealand, first conducting a weekend event with devotees in Auckland.
The monks are garlanded in greeting.... the tradition of ancient India.
The Auckland devotees enjoy a meditation conducted by Brahmachari Pierre.
20240207 Nelson NZ 05 exp
The monks then met with SRF members in Nelson.
Brother Keshavananda shares insights on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda with the Nelson members.
20240207 Nelson NZ 03 exp
20240211 Wellington 002 exp
In Wellington, the monks spent a weekend leading classes and events on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
The monks finished their tour of New Zealand in Christchurch, meeting with members there.
20240214 Christchurch 3 exp
Brahmachari Pierre conducts practice of the Energization Exercises before a group meditation.
20240214 Christchurch 2 exp

Berlin, Kempten, and Munich, Germany; Vorarlberg, Austria

20240217 Berlin 9193 exp
In February and March, Brother Nikhilananda and Brahmachari Wolfgang (Brother Asimananda) visited SRF members in Germany and Austria. In Berlin they dedicated a new chapel for the members here.
Brother Nikhilananda speaks to the Berlin members.
Brahmachari Wolfgang (Brother Asimananda) shares insights on Paramahansaji's SRF teachings.
20240221 Kempten 001 exp
The monks then traveled to Kempten, Germany, meeting with SRF members there.
20240305 07 Vorarlberg Austria IMG 7096 exp
Members in Vorarlberg, Austria, greeted the monks.
20240308 10 Munich Germany IMG 1775 exp
The monks completed their tour with a weekend program with SRF members in Munich, Germany.

Mexico City and Saltillo, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia

20240317 Mexico City 01 exp
In March, Brother Prafullananda and Brahmachari Leonardo traveled to Central and South America, including a weekend program in Mexico City.
Brother Prafullananda gave a public lecture on "Meditation – Finding Inner Peace and Joy" to an engaged audience.
20240315 Mexico City 02 exp
SRF members traveled from throughout Mexico to attend the events.
20240315 Mexico City 15 exp
20240313 Saltillo 11 exp
The monks also visited the SRF members in Saltillo, Mexico.
Brahmachari Leonardo conducts the practice of the Energization Exercises before a group meditation.
20240313 Saltillo 7 exp
20240321 Bogota 18 exp
The monks conducted a weekend program in Bogota, Colombia, attended by members coming from throughout Colombia and other countries in South and Central America.

Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts

20240317 Denver 0012 exp
In March, members in Denver welcomed Brother Ritananda and Brahmachari Daniel for a series of weekend events.
Brother Ritananda gives a class on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
20240317 Denver 0008 exp
Brahmachari Daniel meets with Sunday School children.
20240317 Denver 0010 exp
20240319 20 Chicago SRF Chicago Group Edit1 exp
The monks then traveled on to visit SRF members in Chicago.
20240324 Boston 007 exp
In Boston, the monks concluded their tour with a weekend program for SRF members there.

Montreal, Canada; London, England

20240413 MONTREAL 07 exp
SRF members from Montreal, the province of Quebec, and nearby parts of Canada and the USA welcomed Brother Muktananda and Brother Samatananda for a series of events in April.
20240418 21 London UK Group shot 2 exp
The monks then traveled to Paris, France (not pictured), and from there to London, England, meeting with members in both cities.
Brother Samatananda addresses the London devotees.
20240418 21 London UK Bro Samatananda from left congregation exp
Brother Muktananda speaks on Paramahansaji's SRF teachings.
20240418 21 London UK Bro Muktananda Lectern exp

Victoria, Calgary, and Toronto, Canada

20240412 14 Victoria Canada DSC01674 exp
In April, Brother Padmananda and Brahmachari Preston visited three cities in Canada, starting here in Victoria.
The monks gave classes on Paramahansaji's SRF teachings and conducted meditations throughout the weekend.
20240412 14 Victoria Canada Victoria 1 exp
20240412 14 Victoria Canada DSCN1250 exp
20240416 17 Calgary Canada IMG 6901 exp
Members in Calgary next welcomed the monks . . .
. . . where they conducted meditations and spoke on the SRF teachings.
20240416 17 Calgary Canada IMG 6894 exp
20240421 Toronto 162058593 exp
The monks concluded their tour with a weekend program in Toronto, where they dedicated a new chapel for members there.

Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Front Royal, Virginia

20240421 Washington DC 038 exp
In April, Brother Govindananda and Brahmachari Neil began a tour, first visiting devotees in Washington, D.C.
The monks conduct a satsanga together.
Brother Govindananda shares insights with members.
Brahmachari Neil speaks with devotees.
20240424 PMG Group photo exp
The monks then traveled to meet with members in Philadelphia.
20240426 Front Royal 05 exp
In Front Royal, Virginia, members attended a weekend retreat conducted by the monks.
The closing program included a special showing of the video of Paramahansaji’s dedication of the SRF Lake Shrine.
20240426 Front Royal 07 1 exp

Portland, Oregon; Los Gatos, California

20240501 Portland 0001 exp
Brother Naradananda and Brahmachari Bhaskarananda visited member in Portland in April.
20240503 05 Los Gatos Monk group Los Gatos Center 5 24 exp
The monks then traveled to Los Gatos, California, to conduct a weekend program there.
20240503 05 Los Gatos Bro Nararadananda Los Gatos Center 5 24 exp

Armação and São Paulo, Brazil

20240426 Armação 1 exp
In April, Brother Jayananda and Brother Sarvananda conducted a weekend program at the SRF retreat in Armação, Brazil.
Brother Jayananda announces the release of the Portuguese language edition of Paramahansa Yogananda’s "Whispers from Eternity."
Brother Sarvananda conducts a group practice of the Energization Exercises before meditation.
The monks conduct a joint satsanga. While in Armação, the monks also visited the SRF meditation group in Florianopolis.
20240503 Sao Paulo Center DSC01645 PANO exp
The monks then traveled to São Paulo, where Brother Jayananda gave a public lecture to a large, enthusiastic audience.
20240503 Sao Paulo Center DSC01633 exp
The monks are warmly greeted upon their arrival in São Paulo.
20240502 Sao Paulo Center DSC01271 exp

Torino, Genova, Livorno, Val Sangone, and Val Susa, Italy

20240509 12 Torino Italy 3360 exp
In May, Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Marco traveled to Italy to meet with members there. Here in Torino Brother Devananda leads kirtan chanting during a public lecture.
Brother Devananda meets with Sunday School children.
20240509 12 Giaveno Italy 3314 exp
The monks also visited the Val Sangone meditation circle in the town of Giaveno, where the mayor of the town gave them a certificate to commemorate the public lecture given in the city hall. For a few years, the mayor has been providing the meeting place of the Val Sangone meditation circle free of charge.
20240519 Livorno 3741 exp
The monks concluded their tour of Italy in Livorno.
In Livorno, a special cake is served in honor of the Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda.
20240519 Livorno 3771 exp
The monks also visited members in Genova, Val Sangone, and Val Susa, Italy (not pictured).
20240518 Livorno 3658 exp
20240514 15 Genova 0001 exp
The monks then visited members in Genova.
20240514 15 Genova 0002 exp
20240514 15 Genova 0003 exp
20240514 15 Genova 0006 exp

Sacramento, California, and Ashland, Oregon

20240519 Sacramento Reg Retreat 009 exp
In May, Brother Tyagananda and Brahmachari Ian conducted a regional weekend retreat sponsored by the SRF Sacramento Center.
Brother Tyagananda
Brahmachari Ian
Devotees from the Sacramento area found the weekend to be deeply inspirational.
20240519 Sacramento Reg Retreat 002 exp
20240521 ashland 001 exp
Members of the Ashland meditation group also welcomed the monks for an inspirational visit.
20240521 ashland 002 exp
20240526 ashland 001 exp
In another visit, the Ashland members were especially happy to have Sister Yogamayee join them for a Sunday morning meditation and inspirational service.

New York City, New York, and Piscataway, New Jersey

20240520 New York City 02 exp
In May, Brother Nakulananda and Brother Vidyananda conducted a regional weekend retreat in Garrison, New York, sponsored by the SRF New York City Center.
Brother Nakulananda and Brother Vidyananda conduct a joint satsanga.
20240520 New York City 03 exp
Brother Vidyananda reviews the practice of the Energization Exercises before a group meditation.
20240520 New York City 04 exp
20240521 22 Central Jersey 003 exp
The monks also met with members of the Central Jersey meditation group, in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Madrid, Spain and Lindau, Germany

20240524 Salamanca 07628 exp
In May and June, Brother Nikhilananda, Brother Balananda, and Brother Asimananda traveled to Spain and Germany, first conducting a weekend retreat with devotees in Madrid.
20240524 26 Salamanca Spain 9711 exp
Brother Asimananda
Brother Nikhilananda
Brother Balananda
Brother Asimananda conducts practice of the Energization Exercises before a group meditation.
20240524 26 Salamanca Spain 9318 exp
20240601 Lindau Germany 2037 exp
The monks then traveled to Lindau, Germany to conduct weekend events with members attending from throughout Germany and also Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and The Netherlands.
20240602 Lindau Germany 2069 exp
The monks conduct a joint satsanga for members.
Brother Nikhilananda leads a meditation with kirtan chanting.
20240531 Lindau Germany 1946 exp
20240530 Lindau Germany 1895 exp
20240530 0602 Innsbruck Austria IMG 20240606 WA0019 exp
The monks also visited members in Innsbruck, Austria, shown here at their chapel.

Atlanta, Georgia

20240601 Atlanta 00008 exp
In June, Brother Ishtananda and Brahmachari Daniel visited the SRF center in Atlanta, Georgia.
Brother Ishtananda greets a longtime member.
Brahmachari Daniel speaks on Paramahansaji's yoga teachings.
Brother Ishtananda and Brahmachari Daniel give a joint satsanga.
20240601 Atlanta 00005 exp

San Francisco, California, and Seabeck, Washington

20240605 San Francisco 0003 exp
In June Brother Maitrimoy and Brahmachari Robert visited members in the San Francisco area.
20240604 San Francisco 0001 exp
Brother Maitrimoy and Brahmachari Robert also attended a special outing held in honor of the 100th anniversary of Paramahansaji’s first visit to San Francisco in 1924. Devotees came from Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, and Sacramento to join the joyous celebration.
20240614 16 Seattle DSC 1369 exp
SRF members and friends at a retreat in Seabeck, Washington, hosted by the SRF Seattle Center.
20240614 16 Seattle DSC 1040 exp
Brother Maitrimoy traveled to Seabeck Washington, where he was joined by Brother Shantimoy to conduct a weekend retreat in this peaceful, rural setting.
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Pauline van Buren

So beautiful to see the monks and nuns visiting so many places. I felt truly part of a worldly family. How blessed we are.

Laura H.

Seeing all the pictures and the comments warmed my heart. I've been a solo practitioner and it gets lonely.

These pictures remind me that I'm not alone, there are others who follow our Guru's teachings out there, and encourage me to take a leap of faith and find others like me nearby. Or maybe someday I'll start my own little meditation circle if I can't find one nearby. Thank you.

Paula LLaura H.

Hi, Laura!
I'm flying solo too. It gets lonely. We'll make the best of it. I guess that the most painful for me part is missing the synergy created with prayer and meditation. I long for the interaction, encouragement and guidance from others more advanced. And I keep reminding myself that spiritual growth is a personal experience, spiritually guided. Best of lucks!


A vivid reminder why Brother Vishwanada's recent letter of how the monastics need to do less administrative work so they can administer to the needs of the devotees. I had no idea how many visits they are doing, around the world. We devotees are blessed. With deepest appreciation I thank all the monasticss their life's work to bring Guruji's life's work alive. Bravo.


It was a great joy to go with my wife and take my little one-year-old daughter for the first time here in São Paulo.


To see all these photos was eye-opening. I am flying solo in my city and MAN it's a tough. I dream of having a group to meditate with one day. Practice online is not the same as meeting fellow devotees. Thank you for sharing, it reminds me I am not alone on this path!

Pablo Ballora

I am visiting Copenhagen from my home in California and am so impressed that wherever I go I am not far from SRF


Impressive. Thanks so much to everyone who is making all this possible. To God and Guru First: Thank you. What a happy blessed occasions!

Naga Rajan

So glad to see so many of seekers are in this foundation. Very blessed to be a member of this foundation


Gracias por compartir tan maravillosa Obra que Dios a través de GurúJi nos trajo.
Las imágenes nos hacen sentir que somos una Gran Familia irradiando la Luz y Amor al mundo... Bendiciones para todos. Jai Gurú

Nydia Martinez

I was able to attend and serve at two of these events; in Washington DC and Bogota Colombia. All of Master’s devotees have this sweetness about them. I felt like I was reuniting with my brothers and sisters and dearest friends even though I didn’t know anyone at these centers. Dear Gurudev unites us by an invisible string of loving energy. In every center I felt their immense love for God, Guru and for our monastics.

Theresiu Janicki-Hardy

It is so beautiful and inspiring to see these amazing pictures of the wonderful monastics visiting groups and centers all over the world. To see all the glowing faces of so many beautiful devotees, all filled with so much inspiration and joy, blessed by God and Guruji is so deeply touching. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images and inspiring us all! Thank you to the monastics for travelling the world to bring us all so much joyful inspiration! May God and Guruji bless you all!

Mina Raja

It's truly inspiring, uplifting and heart warming when the Monastics Visit our Groups. They impart so much of Beloved Guruji's Love and Blessings, and motivate us all. I'm so deeply grateful for all that they all do, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jai Guru Jai !


Enjoyed seeing all the happy faces of our beautiful family worldwide :)

aykut köşe

i will always support your foundation as long as i am on this physical plane. God bless you all and work too.

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