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“Brother Chidananda on the Spiritual ‘Survival Skill’ of Meditation” — Interview With DD News of India (Video)

May 01, 2023


We invite you to watch an interview with Brother Chidananda conducted by DD News of India during the SRF/YSS President’s recent trip to Paramahansa Yogananda’s beloved homeland.

Brother Chidananda shares how essential meditation and universal spirituality are as we look to face with equanimity whatever difficulties the world may be going through, and find within the “qualities native to every human being…just waiting to be discovered.”

You can experience Brother Chidananda’s 2023 trip to the India through a photo essay on the SRF Blog.

And you can dive deeper into how to understand and experience meditation as a “survival skill” by going to the blog post “Taking Shelter in Kriya Yoga,” which presents two talks and an extended meditation given by Brother Chidananda in Hyderabad, India, this winter.

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Jay Adhikari

I thoroughly enjoyed the wisdom-filled thoughts expressed by Brother Chidanandaji a true devotee and spiritual head of SRF/YSs founded by Paramahansa Yoganandaji. Such a talk provides an inspiration to be in harmony with nature and explore the divinity within ourselves. I pray and ask for divine help from Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji and Brother Chidanandaji.

Deborah Ash

I watched the interview with Brother Chidananda on the ‘Spiritual Survival Skill of Meditation’ and was so touched by the message Brother Chidananda shared. The message was so FULL OF HOPE and POSITIVITY and reflected the FAITH of mankind in that we can ALL realize a better future full of love and kindness and connection to our creator.

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