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Taking Shelter in Kriya Yoga — Three Videos From Brother Chidananda

February 28, 2023

Were you able to attend Yogoda Satsanga Society of India’s online “Sangam 2023”?

Presided over by Brother Chidananda, president and spiritual head of SRF/YSS, the full five-day program on Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings was livestreamed from Hyderabad in February — and is still available on the YSS website.

On this page you will find video recordings of the Sangam’s opening and closing talks, given by Brother Chidananda, as well as the three-hour meditation that he led during the program. We hope you can use this resource to dive deeply into putting into practice the inspiration and guidance from these special events.

Opening Talk

This inaugural talk highlights how we can relate the concept of sharanam — to take shelter and refuge — to the manifold blessings of the Kriya Yoga path. As Brother Chidananda explains, one of the themes of the Sangam should be Kriya Yoga sharanam “to take utmost refuge and eternal shelter in that divine realization that is bestowed by Kriya Yoga meditation when practiced with the blessings of a satguru, such as our divine and revered Paramahansaji.”

Three-Hour Meditation

Join Brother Chidananda as he leads a three-hour meditation that includes guided visualizations and affirmations, as well as periods of chanting and submerging the consciousness in the peace and stillness of the soul in silent meditation.

Closing Talk

In his final event at the Sangam, Brother Chidananda elaborates on a very elevating and thrilling idea he introduced in his opening talk, explaining how each one of us can become “a living link between the Golden Age of India’s spirituality and the emerging global spiritual civilization.” By using the meditation techniques and universal how-to-live principles of the Kriya Yoga path we can uplift and illumine our lives — to our great benefit and that of the world.

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