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Selections From Letters to the Prayer Council

"Your loving prayers have helped to work miracles....My healing has been rapid, and my faith has been deepened immeasurably, for I have felt God’s loving, healing presence surrounding me."

— D. B., Topanga, California

“I want to tell you how deeply moved I am, and how grateful to the Prayer Council. In every single instance where I have known the one for whom you pray, I have noted that there has been a beneficial change in that person’s life. At first I was simply amazed at this; now my faith in God and in prayer has become much deeper. I know that God helps all who deeply and sincerely pray to Him.”

— R. H., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The father of one of our local SRF devotees recently became severely ill, and I was one of the medical doctors who treated him. It was only after we performed the healing technique that his health improved miraculously. I am deeply impressed, since I noted that the powerful strength of this technique works through us producing good effects beyond our conventional resources.”

— Dr. G. R., Santa Fe, Argentina

“For many years I doubted the efficacy of prayer for others — I saw no proof that it actually worked. But the upliftment of spirit that I feel now, which is surely the result of the Prayer Council’s earnest prayers on my behalf, gives me living proof that prayer does work. Barriers that seemed insurmountable are slowly lifting.”

— B. R., Amherst, Massachusetts

“One year ago I asked your help for a little girl who was seriously ill with leukemia and hepatitis. Now she is perfectly well. There are no signs of cancer cells in her system. This exceptional healing is a priceless demonstration that man is not alone in this chaotic world.”

— E. N., Napoli, Italy