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Winter 2022 Appeal

November 18, 2022

2021 August Newsletter Paramahansa Yogananda

Sharing Paramahansaji’s Soul-Liberating Teachings With the World

We invite you to read the 2022 Winter Appeal, to discover some of the uplifting ways that your support is helping to share Paramahansa Yogananada’s sacred teachings with more truth seekers than ever before.

In this Appeal you will learn about our:

  • Ever-expanding array of digital products — ebooks, audiobooks, apps, and more;
  • Rapidly growing international volunteer network, and the resources needed to support the vital roles volunteers are and will be playing in the SRF work;
  • New series of online “how-to-live” educational programs for children and teens.

To all of you who support this work with your love, prayers, and continuing material assistance, we send our warmest thanks.

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