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Registration Open for Online How-to-Live Classes for Children and Teens

November 29, 2022

Online How to Live Classes for Children and Teens blog post

The first session in a new Saturday series of online, interactive How-to-Live classes for children and teens (conducted via Zoom) begins this Saturday, December 3, and goes until May 27, 2023. We hope many will be able to benefit from all this program offers!

Registration is now open and will be ongoing.

The classes are designed to:

  • Promote peer interaction and student support, similar to in-person gatherings, through small classes;
  • Help introduce your child or teen to Paramahansa Yogananda’s inspiring “how-to-live” principles, using age-appropriate approaches (see age ranges below);
  • Provide an immersive experience in an online learning environment that encourages uplifting fellowship; and
  • Establish spiritually grounding friendships and a sense of inner peace and security.

The classes will be structured for three age ranges (9 – 12, 13 – 15, and 16 – 17) and there will be three class times to choose from for each age group. To help make this program widely accessible, the classes are currently being offered free of charge.

Beginning Before the Holidays

The first two classes will be held on December 3 and 10, but then there will be a pause for the holidays before classes resume on January 14. At that time, classes will be scheduled on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

Building on a Rich Tradition

Paramahansa Yogananda felt deeply for the welfare of youth and took a lifelong interest in their all-around education. Building on the rich, in-person offerings developed for SRF Youth Programs over many decades, SRF online How-to-Live programs teach young people how to lay a spiritual foundation for their lives, one that becomes a sustaining positive influence long after the series of classes.

With the development of these new online programs SRF intends to provide increased support to youth and their families, especially those not located near one of SRF’s physical locations, via a “wall-less classroom.”

Just as the SRF Online Meditation Center serves as a “wall-less temple” for thousands around the world, this expansion of our youth programs will ensure that Paramahansaji’s “how-to-live” wisdom is increasingly available to children and teens around the world.


The ideal of right education for youth had always been close to my heart. I saw clearly the arid results of ordinary instruction, aimed at the development of body and intellect only. Moral and spiritual values, without whose appreciation no man can approach happiness, were yet lacking in the formal curriculum.

Paramahansa Yogananda, in Autobiography of a Yogi
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Kirti Pabari

We have six grandchildren and are interested in youth program for the children. We have missed the last program but would be grateful if you could let us know when the next one starts. Thanking you. In Divine Friendship Jai Guru

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