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A New Year's Message From Brother Chidananda

December 30, 2020

New Year 2021

Dear One,

All of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashrams wish you a joyous and fulfilling New Year — and to each of our dear friends in his worldwide spiritual family. At this time of new beginnings, we especially think of you and send our prayers that through your own faith and determination and God’s help, you may reach your most cherished goals. I also want to thank all of you for your cards, messages, and gifts during the holiday season and throughout the year. Your friendship and support mean much to me, as they do to all of the monks and nuns; and we appreciate the many ways in which you express Guruji’s ideals in your lives.

Certainly the past year has been a challenging one around the globe. But underlying the difficulties, a spiritual lesson is evident — one that followers of this path will have long ago recognized: the growing realization that lasting healing for the discord on this earth cannot be found in outer solutions alone, but only by our inner attunement with God. It was an example of “divine timing” that this past year of urgent prods to a deeper connection with the eternal laws of Truth coincided with the centennial anniversary of our Guru’s mission to spread the soul-awakening science of Kriya Yoga meditation worldwide. Let us continue to do whatever we can in the days ahead to encourage the spread of universal spirituality to harmonize and unite our global civilization.

As we enter a new year, my prayer is that you resolve to take full advantage of the spiritually awakening meditation techniques and teachings that Paramahansaji bestowed on the world. Let this be a fresh start in your life; let your own enthusiasm and efforts to meditate deeply contribute to the harmony, wisdom, and divine love so much needed by our human family.

God has given us the divine gifts we need to make the most of this fresh start: the gift of free choice and the dynamic will power to attain our goals. Take some time in quiet reflection to reinforce yourself with memories of good deeds, lessons learned, victories won, and the spiritual blessings gained from challenges faced with courage. Clear out from your consciousness all self-limiting “baggage” of past errors and negative thoughts about self or others. Concentrate on the new possibilities available to you now — on the positive changes you want to make. Feel the invigorating fresh breeze of hope sweeping away all worry and self-doubt, and infuse your efforts with dynamic will and trust, affirming that you will reach your goal.

Our Guru did not allow devotees around him to use the word, “can’t.” He said, “Burst that shell of ‘can’t’ into the free air of ‘I can.’” He has faith in you; God has faith in you; and if you persevere and have faith in yourself, and in Their help and love, you cannot fail. “Enter the portals of the New Year with new hope,” Guruji urged us. “Remember you are a child of God….He loves you everlastingly. Think that. Believe that. Know that. And suddenly one day you will find you are immortally alive in God.”

May God bless you and your loved ones in this New Year and always,

Brother Chidananda

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