Promoting Spiritual Harmony in These Times of Discord

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Promoting Spiritual Harmony in These Times of Discord

A Message From Brother Chidananda

[Adapted from a letter published by Brother Chidananda in 2018. Though composed four years ago, the basic message is even more important today—highlighting the attitudes and abilities we can identify with to transcend divisiveness and turmoil.]

Dear Ones,

In my daily meditations I think of our Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s beautiful spiritual family around the world, and pray that God and Guru guide your lives and spiritual efforts and help you to feel a deep and unshakeable security in Their love and wisdom. I know that many devotees around the world are very concerned about the divisiveness and ugliness currently being propagated in society among increasingly polarized factions of the global family that God intended to live in peace, harmony, and mutual cooperation with His moral laws of lasting happiness. This world of duality has always been and will always be a battleground between light and darkness; but the assault on God’s eternal truths of goodness and moral values can seem perceptibly heightened in our era of near-constant exposure to the barrage of adharma and negativity that infiltrates our inner and outer environments through the Internet and other mass communications media.

But we need not give in to discouragement about the future. Remember that even as social media can magnify the inharmonious voice of a single person, thereby affecting countless others far beyond that individual’s immediate locale, so there is equal or greater potential to amplify the influence of truth, beauty, goodness, wisdom, compassion — all the heavenly qualities of the soul-image of God in every human being. How is this so? Because more far-reaching than any digital communications technology is the vibrational power radiated into the very atoms of the world environment – and into the consciousness or subconsciousness of all sentient beings — by each heart- and mind-broadcasting station that is powerfully focused through Kriya Yoga meditation and attuned with the infinite source of goodness: God. Never forget how much good you can do by a commitment to daily meditation and participation in our Worldwide Prayer Circle.

The divine warrior of light and truth who is drawn to a path such as that of Self-Realization Fellowship/ Yogoda Satsanga Society and Kriya Yoga may use outer as well as inner means to promote spiritual harmony (dharma) on earth. While giving first priority to changing yourself and any unlovely ego-traits that have found harbor in your own consciousness, never be afraid to bear witness outwardly in the cause of non-cooperation with ungodliness when circumstances place that duty before you. Just remember, however, that animosity and lack of humility may quickly subvert you to the side of that which you are purportedly resisting; and that spirituality and truth are not defined by political affiliation.

The mass karma that influences the unfolding drama of world events — in our present era as in all others — is not always understood by limited human intellect. Ultimately, a nation’s health and harmony are caused by the prevailing mix of good and evil in that society, and its mass karma. The need of our time — and of any other time — is for the masses of individuals to remove the evils of godlessness, immorality, and adharmic living from their hearts. The most potent way you can contribute light to these dark times is to practice each day some principle of the divine truths common to all religions, which are distilled in the SRF/YSS teachings. This is an active initiative you can take to uplift your consciousness and invigorate your thoughts and actions with the invincible power of God’s goodness. Every morning, read a little from the Lessons, for example, or from the Spiritual Diary — or take a favorite quotation from the Bhagavad Gita or Bible — and make that your theme for the day. When something you hear on the news upsets your inner peace and equilibrium, hold tight to that truth, and know that by the will that you put into affirming and manifesting it you are helping to neutralize that negativity. As you follow the example of Guruji’s indomitable, positive spirit and practice the sacred Kriya Yoga science of God-communion, the special dispensation he was ordained to bring to the world specifically for the times we are going through, you will prove to yourself that with the help of God and the Great Ones who watch over this world we can aid humanity to emerge from the fetters of ignorance-based fears and hatreds into a world more in tune with God’s harmonizing and balance-producing love and bliss consciousness.

Look for and concentrate on the expressions of goodness and spiritual consciousness in all persons you encounter — even those whose opinions may not match your own — and you will find that the very act of paying attention in this way increases the manifestation of God’s presence in this world. The Lord proclaims in the Bhagavad Gita: “I am seated in the heart of all beings.” See others as souls, and by that attitude of respect and appreciation you will subtly draw from them — and from yourself — a greater expression of soul qualities.

If you find yourself too frequently thinking, reading, and talking about what is wrong in the world or in your own life, try to change your focus. Use that time and energy to think good thoughts, to pray, to perform good actions of service and generosity, and to work on becoming a person who exudes kindness, understanding, and cheerfulness. By doing so, you will uplift your own consciousness and that of others. And as you meditate faithfully and enter the sacred sanctuary deep within your being, where all thoughts are still, you will increasingly feel the love in which God cherishes each soul, and be able to give that love to others. Never underestimate the positive effect of your spiritual efforts on your well-being, on those around you, and on humanity at large. Guruji said, “One who in every way tries to uplift himself, harmonizing body, mind, and soul with the Divine, creates positive karma not only in his own life, but in his family, neighborhood, country, and world.”

May God ever bless you as you strive to radiate His light and love in your life,

Brother Chidananda