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SRF Monastic Visits — Fall 2023 Updated!

December 01, 2023

20231105 Sydney 30 exp
Brother Bhimananda and Brother Sarvananda with SRF members and friends at Sydney Center's newly dedicated chapel.

Welcome to this photo essay of visits to SRF members and friends around the world made by Self-Realization Fellowship monastics in fall 2023, now updated to include the most recent events.

SRF monks and nuns conduct a wide variety of inspirational events, including public lectures on the “how-to-live” teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda; weekend retreat programs, group meditations, kirtan devotional chanting, answering spiritual questions in satsanga, and providing individual spiritual counseling at SRF meditation centers and groups; and Kriya Yoga initiations, where eligible SRF Lessons students have the opportunity to participate in the sacred ceremonies and enter the guru-disciple relationship with Paramahansa Yogananda.

Washington, D.C.; Detroit, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois

20230908 10 Washington DC IMG 0699 Kp exp
In September, Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Daniel traveled to three cities, first leading a weekend event with devotees in Washington, D.C.
20230912 13 Detroit 11 exp
Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Daniel then met with SRF members in Detroit.
Brahmachari Daniel leads a prayer during the Detroit event.
Brother Devananda speaks about Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings.
20230915 17 Chicago SRF Chicago Center Bro Devananda Bra Daniel Pronam 09 2023 exp
In Chicago, Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Daniel finished their tour with a weekend program at the SRF Chicago Center.

Vancouver, Canada; Cleveland, Ohio; Front Royal, Virginia

20230910 Vancouver 1092 exp prf crop
Near Vancouver, Canada, Brother Anantananda and Brother Dhruvananda conducted a weekend retreat in a beautiful rural setting.
Brother Dhruvananda leads a practice of the SRF Energization Exercises prior to a group meditation.
20230910 Vancouver 1075 exp
20230912 13 Cleveland CMC outdoor Service at Garden Temple exp
In Cleveland, Brother Anantananda and Brother Dhruvananda met with the Cleveland Meditation Circle (shown here in an outdoor meditation).
Brother Dhruvananda leads a meditation.
20230912 13 Cleveland Service at the Cleveland Circle Meditation Center exp
Brother Anantananda speaks about Paramahansaji's “how-to-live” teachings.
20230912 13 Cleveland Bro Anantananda at service exp prf
20230915 Front Royal 006 exp
In Front Royal, Virginia, Brother Anantananda and Brother Dhruvananda conclude their tour with a weekend retreat hosted by the SRF Greenfield Retreat.
Group practice of the SRF Energization Exercises.
20230915 Front Royal 004 exp

Atlanta, Georgia

20230917 Atlanta 00012 exp
SRF Atlanta Center members with Brother Govindananda and Brother Nakulananda in September.
The weekend program at the Atlanta Center included a public lecture.
20230914 Atlanta 00017 exp prf
Public lecture at the SRF Atlanta Center.
20230915 Atlanta 00002 exp
Brother Govindananda speaking to a receptive audience.
Brother Nakulananda greeting a member after the event.

Seattle, Washington

20230924 Seattle 0002 exp prf
In Seattle, Brother Naradananda and Brother Kalyanananda conducted a weekend program in September, which included a public lecture.
Brother Kalyanananda speaks in Seattle.
Brother Naradananda greets a member after the lecture.

Cuenca and Quito, Ecuador; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay

20230928 1001 Cuenca Ecuador IMG 0194 14 exp
In September, Brother Ritananda and Brahmachari Leonardo traveled to visit many SRF members in Ecuador. Here, Brother Ritananda gives a public lecture to a large audience in Cuenca.
20230928 1001 Cuenca Ecuador Captura de Pantalla 2023 11 07 a las 11 31 56 exp
Much interest is shown in Paramahansaji's teachings after the lecture.
Brother Ritananda greets a member in Cuenca.
Brahmachari Leonardo speaking during the Cuenca events.
20230928 1001 Cuenca Ecuador unnamed 2 exp
Members of the Cuenca meditation group with the visiting monastics.
20231003 Quito 02 exp
Brother Ritananda and Brahmachari Leonardo also visited members in Quito, Ecuador, where they dedicated the Quito Meditation Circle's chapel.
20231006 08 Buenos Aries 20231006 Buenos Aires 0008 exp
Brother Ritananda and Brahmachari Leonardo then traveled across the continent to conduct a weekend program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Brother Ritananda speaks on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
20231006 08 Buenos Aries 20231006 Buenos Aires 0004 exp
Young adults meet with the visiting monastics.
20231006 08 Buenos Aries 20231008 Buenos Aires 0007 exp
Brahmachari Leonardo leads chanting during a meditation.
20231006 08 Buenos Aries 20231008 Buenos Aires 0011 exp
Brother Ritananda greets SRF devotees.
Brother Ritananda addresses the Buenos Aires audience.
20231010 Montevideo 0006 exp
Members in Montevideo, Uruguay, were pleased to host a program conducted by Brother Ritananda and Brahmachari Leonardo, which included the dedication of the chapel of the Montevideo Meditation Circle.
Brother Ritananda showers rose petals during the chapel dedication.
20231010 Montevideo 0002 exp
Brother Ritananda addresses Montevideo participants.
20231010 Montevideo 0001 exp

Barcelona, Spain; Palermo and Trapani, Italy

20230922 24 Barcelona Spain 02 Barcelona Tour 2023 all exp
Brother Prafullananda, Brother Tyagananda, and Brahmachari Francesco traveled to three cities in Spain and Italy in September and October (here shown while conducting a weekend program in Barcelona).
Brother Prafullananda gives a public lecture at the start of the weekend program in Barcelona.
20230922 24 Barcelona Spain IMG 0976 exp
Brother Tyagananda, Brother Prafullananda, and Brahmachari Francesco address an appreciative audience.
20230922 24 Barcelona Spain 775cd887 d8aa 410c 9fc0 a84e2cd867b6 exp
20230928 1001 Palermo Italy PUBLIC CONFERENCE 2
In Palermo, Sicily, Brother Prafullananda, Brother Tyagananda, and Brahmachari Francesco were joined by Brother Vajrananda to conduct a weekend event.
20230928 1001 Palermo Italy SATSANGA 2 exp
Participants traveled to Palermo from throughout Europe to attend the weekend program.
Brother Prafullananda addresses a class.
Brother Tyagananda speaks with a member.
Brahmachari Francesco with participants.
20230928 1001 Palermo Italy MEETING FOR YOUNG ADULTS 1 exp
Many young adults participated in the weekend events.
20231003 Trapani Meditation Group exp prf
Brother Prafullananda and Brahmachari Francesco also visited members of the Trapani Meditation Group.
20231003 Trapani Italy DSC04035 exp prf
The Trapani Meditation Group has met at the same location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea since 1973.

New York City, Buffalo

20231005 New York City 018 exp
In October, Brothers Keshavananda and Balananda conducted a weekend program at the SRF New York City Center.
Brother Balananda speaks at a public lecture in New York City.
20231005 New York City 004 exp
Brother Keshavananda addresses participants in New York.
20231010 11 Buffalo Resized received 890426729112273 exp
Brother Balananda and Brother Keshavananda with the Buffalo devotees.

Los Gatos and San Francisco, California

20231006 08 Los Gatos Retreat Group Pic 10 23 exp
In October, Brother Samatananda and Brahmachari Ian conducted a retreat sponsored by members of the Los Gatos Center.
Practice of the SRF Energization Exercises prior to a group meditation.
20231008 093054 exp
20231010 San Francisco 0001 exp
Brother Samatananda and Brahmachari Ian also met with the San Francisco Meditation Group.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico

20231027 29 Ft Lauderdale FLMG Retreat2023 32 exp
In October, members in the Ft. Lauderdale area welcomed Brother Padmananda and Brahmachari Neil, who conducted a weekend retreat in North Palm Beach.
Brother Padmananda addresses the Ft. Lauderdale group.
Brahmachari Neil gives a class.
20231031 1101 San Juan Puerto Rico IMG 6531 exp
Brother Padmananda and Brahmachari Neil then traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to meet with members there.
The monks speaking at the San Juan group.
20231031 1101 San Juan Puerto Rico IMG 6298 exp

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Itamonte, and Armação

20231021 Rio 37 exp
The SRF Rio de Janeiro Center hosted a weekend program in October, conducted by Brother Satyananda and Brother Jitananda. Here, Brother Satyananda conducts a public lecture.
Brother Satyananda speaks with attendees.
Brother Jitananda greets members.
Brother Jitananda leads a class on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda at the Rio de Janeiro Center.
20231021 Rio 6 exp
20231020 22 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2023 Group exp
Members of the Rio de Janeiro Center with the visiting monastics.
20231024 Itamonte 2 exp
The two monks conducted a mid-week program with Brazilian devotees at a retreat in Itamonte.
Brother Satyananda is greeted by devotees at the Itamonte Retreat.
20231024 Itamonte 14 exp
Brother Jitananda speaks with devotees.
20231024 Itamonte 34 exp
20231027 29 Armacao Retreat Brazil 20231027 28 29 Penha BR 0005 exp
Brother Satyananda and Brother Jitananda concluded their Brazil tour with a weekend program at the SRF Armação Retreat in Penha, SC.
Brother Satyananda gives an inspirational talk.
Brazilian devotees lead devotional kirtan chanting.
Brother Jitananda leads a meditation.

Ottawa and Toronto, Canada; London, England

20231010 11 Ottawa IMG 7295 exp
In October, members in Ottawa welcomed Brother Bhumananda and Brahmachari Roberto, who gave a public lecture there.
Brother Bhumananda speaking to the Ottawa devotees on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
20231010 11 Ottawa IMG 9110 exp
Brother Bhumananda addresses Ottawa members.
20231010 11 Ottawa IMG 9102 exp
20231013 Toronto 04 exp
Brother Bhumananda and Brahmachari Roberto then traveled to Toronto to meet with members there.
Brother Bhumananda greets Toronto participants.
20231013 Toronto 08 exp
20231020 22 London DSCF8495 2 exp
London members were happy to have Brother Bhumananda and Brahmachari Roberto conduct a program at the SRF London Center. While in England, the monks also visited members of the Leicestershire Meditation Circle.
Brother Bhumananda speaking to London devotees.
20231020 22 London DSCF8476 2 exp

Australia: Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Greater Geelong

20231029 Brisbane 0022 exp
Brother Sarvananda and Brother Bhimananda traveled to Australia in October, shown here meeting with members in Brisbane for a weekend program.
Brother Bhimananda conducts a class.
20231028 Brisbane 0006 exp
Group practice of the Energization Exercises before a meditation.
20231029 Brisbane 0003 exp
20231101 Perth Australia 204615 exp
Members in Perth, Australia greet Brother Bhimananda and Brother Sarvananda, who visited them in November.
Brothers Bhimananda and Sarvananda conduct a satsanga for the Perth Meditation Group.
20231101 Perth Australia WA0006 exp
20231105 Sydney 30 exp
Sydney members welcomed Brother Sarvananda and Brother Bhimananda, who conducted a weekend program in Sydney and dedicated the new chapel of the Sydney Center.
The two Brothers speaking on the how-to-live teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
20231104 Sydney 01 exp
20231108 Melbourne 0001 exp
Brothers Sarvananda and Bhimananda then traveled to Melbourne to conduct a program for members there.
The monks give a class.
20231109 Greater Geelong 013 exp
Brother Bhimananda also met with devotees in Greater Geelong.

Tokyo, Japan

20231105 Tokyo 0013 exp
In November, Brother Saralananda and Brother Sattvananda conducted a weekend program in Tokyo.
Brother Sattvananda gives a public lecture in Tokyo.
20231103 Tokyo 0002 exp
Brother Saralananda greets devotees.
20231103 Tokyo 0006 exp
20231105 Tokyo 0017 exp
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Andrea Starks

What joy and beauty and the light of God and Guru in all these lovely faces around the world! The world so much needs the light of God, Master, and all the gurus, and all these groups are demonstrations that it is happening. Thanks so much to the monastics for their tireless work, and love, blessings, and thanks to all the fellow members across the globe. Jai Guru!

Thomas Lorio

Thank you so much Dear Brothers!
Love and blessings to you!
Jai Guru
Thomas in Driftwood, Texas USA

Vinai Vohora

It is wonderful to see Guruji's world wide family. It is the fulfillment of bringing " a crowd of souls" beaming with radiance of Kriya.

Silvia D'Amico

Qué hermoso poder disfrutar de la gran familia de SRF! Fue una bendición recibir a los monásticos en nuestra casa. Su presencia y enseñanzas son inspiradoras!! ¡Gracias Guruji por tus enseñanzas y por hacernos hermanos en esta hermosa familia!!!

Alicia Coulter

Beautiful photos ! They reflect the joy and joy of communion experienced during the monastic visit. We're already wondering when they're coming back? Thanks for sharing . Jai Jai Guru!

Hemant Sharma

Jai Guru:
As God connected with each & every individual on this earth & Universe, Same Our Gurudev connected with every his disciple. And Now How big is Gurudev family I am overwhelmed to seen all these great souls.Gurudev work expending day by day, May thy love shine forever on Sanctuary of Every SRF / YSS individual & We all may be awaken they love in all hearts, Om Peace Amen....🙏

Anthea Summers

These photos seem to to vibrate with enthusiasm! How very inspiring! How lovely!

Mary Buckley

I feel so happy looking at all the smiling faces of my fellow devotees. It brings me great joy to connect with you all.

Hari Camino

Pronams and greetings to so many similing souls and a few I have a personal bond with in Europe and the US.

Magdalena Pongracz

Gracias por compartir estas imagenes que resperesentan a la familia mundial de Guruji, inolvidables momentos de gozo, paz, y armonia

H. Zimmerman

Beautiful and Uplifting to see fellow devotees United in Master’s worldwide family. Thank you to the Monastics for their support. Now a devotee May travel to many cities and join with Master’s worldwide family..

Truly a blessing.

Jai Guru

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