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Revisiting the Inspiration — Scenes From the 2023 Convocation, and Plans for 2024!

August 18, 2023


The 2023 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation held July 30 – August 5 touched the lives of tens of thousands of spiritual seekers around the world. In the spirit of revisiting the joy and inspiration of the Convocation week, we are happy to present below the week in review via a photo slideshow, a chant from one of the week’s long meditations with kirtan (devotional chanting), and initial plans for 2024.

Convocation Events — Held in Southern California and Streamed to the World

In addition to being able to view events online from anywhere in the world, this year participants had the opportunity to attend some of those events in person as they were livestreamed from one of the SRF temples in southern California. More than 1,600 Convocation participants attended one or more of these events.

Convocation attendees also had the chance to make pilgrimages to the the SRF International Headquarters (pictured above), Lake Shrine, Hollywood Temple, and Encinitas Ashram Center, visiting these sacred locations where Paramahansa Yogananda lived and communed with God. These tours offered SRF members and friends the opportunity to meditate on the grounds made holy by Paramahansaji’s presence, as well as to be joyously greeted by SRF monastics, who hosted them and shared stories from Paramahansa Yogananda’s life.

A Week of Upliftment Captured in Images!

Below you can watch a slideshow of all the events which were held in person at locations in Southern California (and a few from Ranchi, India) and streamed around the world. We hope you enjoy revisiting Convocation in this way as well!

The Convocation Experience Continues

As SRF/YSS President Brother Chidananda encouraged us in his closing program, “Come back — watch these videos again and again over the coming year.” He explained that each time we watch the talks and participate again in the kirtans and meditations and virtual pilgrimages, we can use that experience as another way to access the divine consciousness that is flowing from Paramahansa Yogananda and his life-transforming teachings.

If you have not yet registered for free to participate in the full 2023 Convocation program, you can do so now on the Convocation website.

If you would rather view the many Convocation talks that are available on YouTube, you can access those through the YouTube Playlist.

Looking Ahead to 2024

“It is our great fortune to be able to take advantage of this most blessed Convocation made available online. It is beyond words to describe the inspiration, motivation, and endless blessings brought to me from SRF straight to my heart.” – R. J., Jaipur, India

We have heard from many of you who have shared similar expressions of appreciation for this weeklong immersion in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda — showing how far-reaching and deeply felt were the blessings of this special week.

As Brother Chidananda announced during his satsanga at the closing program this year, the 2024 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, July 14 – 20. The event will also continue to be offered online for those unable to attend in person.

Complete details about the program will be available in the spring of 2024.

Joining Together Again in Spiritualized Song

Paramahansa Yogananda said that spiritualized songs — those that have been chanted until a blissful response is received from the Divine — “like live matches produce the fire of God-awareness whenever they are struck on the foundation stone of devotion.”

We would like to close our Convocation coverage on the blog with the chant “Thousands of Suns,” led by the SRF monks kirtan group, one such song that was truly spiritualized by Paramahansa Yogananda. We hope that the devotion you feel in listening to and chanting this will bring you a sense of the divine communion that is possible when you call to Spirit in meditation from the depths of your heart and soul.


In what ways is the inspiration of Convocation remaining with you? Please let us know in the comments!

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Shankar Narayanan

Jai Guru Jai Ma, thank you Brotherji and all in SRF / YSS Ashrams to give us with this opportunity by which to get closer to God and Gurus, a little better and little more understanding into daily behavior, and grow in happiness. In Divine Friendship Shankar and Viji


There was a subtle different vibe somehow this year’s Convocation that made everything more meaningful thank you infinitely ❤️


Kabir says: The Guru is great beyond words and great is the good fortune of the disciple.,❤️

Edeltraud Kamm

Convocation is taking me to a higher and more subtle level of being. The sessions contribute significantly to my balance and happiness. There is hope and always something to look forward to by being able to access Convocation videos throughout the year. Heartfelt gratitude to monastics and volunteers! Jai Guruji!

Rekha Modi

Every year the convocations are getting better. I had the blessed opportunity to attend the convocation online from the SRF Greenfield retreat. Truly amazing experience . Interating with the Monks and Nuns in the fellowship rooms made it very special. Felt Guruji's love all the time.

Zach Warsavage

Our group flew from PA/NJ to attend in person. We attended events in person everyday, including several of the in person talks, as well as visiting all of the SRF centers and watching online. It was an extraordinary week of traveling, or as Brother Govindananda called it, we were, “on the magical mystery tour.” The entire week was impeccable and everything executed by SRF was first-class. Master’s presence was ever-present. A week like no other. Thank you to all involved.

Virginia Stewart

If only the entire world could have joined us at Convocation this year, we would not know the world as it currently is, but one of such love, peace and harmony everywhere. How blessed we are and fortunate, to have our beloved Guru in our lives. I have very much enjoyed re-visiting the Convocation talks, and classess, and particularly enjoyed the meditations with the monks and nuns. Each day of the week I follow through with the meditation scheduled for that day, as I have no SRF group close by to attend. Those blessed nuns and munks are all saints in my eyes. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Neda Jahanbani

I just want to start by saying THANK YOU for making this incredible program available online to those of us who can’t attend in person - it means the world. I cannot express the profound calm and peace that I have felt since immersing myself into Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings. This year’s convocation program was again filled with so much invaluable information and the talks and meditations truly brought to life our guru’s words and remain with me every day. I am filled with love and joy and am so grateful to have these teachings as the cornerstone of my life 🙏🏼🧡

Ayush Chaturvedi

Convocation I want to surrender my life my family business all my fears I want to be saved by attending convocation from all problems of life business problems livlihood problems solved by attending convocation bless me eternally gurudeva

Nikolette Bellio

What remains with me is the JOY! I feel so blessed to receive these teachings and have Parmahansa Yogananda as my Guru! The love and peace of this Convocation will buoy us up and support us in a world full of confusion and suffering. Thanks to all the monastics and lay volunteers who made it all possible! Jai Guru!!


That was my first Convocation, and since day one (I have participated on line of the whole program). I could feel deeply the presence of Master within and without. My attunement with Him increased greatly and my meditations are much more intense now. Banat, Banat, BanJay. I hope I can attend all Convocation's events forever. Jai Guru 🙏 God and Guru bless you all ❤️ Aum, Tat, Sat, Peace, Amen

R Elliott

I was unable until today to begin to fully revisit all the Convocation classes but it's lovely to get to enjoy the kirtans, morning and evening meditations with a monk or nun, as well as re-engage with the motivating classes on techniques and how to live classes. God and Master can stay with me better in this way, helping me avoid the not-so-spiritual habits I can slip into! THANK YOU for making this available for the coming's precious review. :)
I greatly enjoyed the round table discussions with young adults and senior adults. I was inspired by their service and dedication.

Maria Rosenberger

I’m revisiting the techniques classes and plan to revisit some of the inspirational talks as well. (The closing chant to Divine Mother with this email is a very lovely idea.) Thanks to everyone involved with making the online Convo available and extended, and prayers too, of course. Jai Guru.

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