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Paramahansa Yogananda on Tuning In to “God’s Wondrous Cosmic Programs”

July 29, 2023


An Introduction:

“Why shouldn’t you strengthen your own vibrations through fellowship with people seeking Self-realization, and by group meditation with them?” Paramahansa Yogananda asks in the SRF Lessons.

He then assures all of us: “This practice will fortify your own spiritual convictions; you will find that many seemingly insuperable barriers in your life will crumble and dissolve in the waters of meditation. Your devotion and love for God will commingle with the devotion and love of others. Divine bliss will radiate from you, helping all persons you meet.”

What a tremendous promise! And one that is at the very center of the SRF Convocation, which Paramahansaji started in 1950 as a spiritual dynamo — from which SRF students and friends, new meditators and accomplished yogis alike, have been drawing solace, strength, fortitude, and the greatest help and inspiration now for 73 years.

The 2023 Convocation will be held July 30 – August 5. The week (online and in-person) will be steeped in the higher vibrations that each year participants happily experience and readily comment on — blessings emanating directly from Paramahansaji and his line of gurus.

And this unique Convocation environment of divine fellowship and group upliftment is one that can be felt in the deepest way if you are able now to take some moments to prepare your inner environment.

We invite you to do just that, to pause and step away from the world’s often restless and rapid-scrolling mindset, so you can tune in with your soul.

From the talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda:

Change and strengthen your own vibrations by thinking, “I am peaceful,” or “I am happy.” Day after day, affirm that thought, and you will develop that peaceful or happy magnetism.

[Affirm:] “I will make my inner environment perfect through meditation, that it be impervious to all adverse outside influences.”

When wrong vibrations try to encroach on your consciousness, pray: “Lord, in this temple many demons have danced, but there is a secret sanctuary within me where there is ever burning the taper of devotion for Thee.”

An overcast of spiritual lassitude sometimes covers the light of the soul, like a quick spread of clouds over a clear sky. We have to banish the clouds by the sunshine of good company. This is why I emphasize the importance of good fellowship, or satsanga.

If you find that your environment isn’t suited to your goals, find another that will aid you. By changing to the right environment, you help to develop your magnetism and to change yourself for the better. Mix with those people who are models of what you would like to be….If you want to be saintly, mix with holy people.

One who comes near a holy person will be benefited; this is baptism by spiritual magnetism. The saint’s thoughts and magnetic aura cast out a vibratory glow that changes the consciousness and brain cells of those who come within range. All who visit or live on the same grounds where a master lives or has lived will automatically be transformed if they are in tune.

Through the calmness of inner silence, learn to tune in to God’s wondrous cosmic programs.

You can participate in a short guided affirmation with Brother Chidananda, president and spiritual head of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, to help prepare your consciousness for Convocation— or at any time you are looking to experience the peace and support of the Divine.

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I am ever and always grateful for all blessings to Gurus and the community of Guru chelas

Kristi Hare

So grateful for the online sharing, the generosity of SRF, and the opportunity to be in fellowship with loving souls!! Thank you all!!

Ian Grunke

I’m so happy I’m not going to miss convocation this year. I can attend online!

Martin Madsen

Wonderful! My wife and I are so deeply grateful that Convocation is available online. What a blessing! Jai Guru!

Gururaj Deshpande

thanks for generosity of SRF/YSS I bow at lotus feet of all incarnated masters

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