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Paramahansa Yogananda on Meditating to Feel the Christ Consciousness at Christmastime

December 18, 2019

Py For December 2019 E Newsletter

Inspiration from the December Newsletter

This month we share inspiring quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda on how through meditation you can celebrate the real Christmas — within your own consciousness.

To bring divine awareness into our human consciousness we must outgrow the limited conventional conception of Christ. To me, Christmas is a thought of spiritual grandeur — a realization that our minds are an altar of Christ, the Universal Intelligence in all creation.

At this time, the angels in the ether celebrate Christmas. An Infinite Light shone on the earth on that first Christmas day, and each year at this holy time the ether is filled with that Light. To honor Christ in meditation is the real celebration.

There is no instrument other than deep meditation that can detect the presence of that almighty Grace within. Still the body, withdraw energy from the senses into the brain, calm the heart: Christ will be there; you will feel the divine joy of the Infinite Christ.

Christ is the joy of meditation. It is his perception you feel in the deepest hours of silence. And this is my wish for you, that you may bring that Christ into your heart every day, every hour.

May Christ have a Second Coming, within your own consciousness! That is my humble prayer for you today. And I am giving this special blessing to you all, that if you will meditate deeply during the Christmas period, you will feel the presence of Christ.

We invite you to visit the “How-to-Live Wisdom” section of our website to read a letter that Paramahansa Yogananda wrote to SRF students and friends shortly after his visit to the Holy Land in 1935, describing the nature of Christ Consciousness and the deep inner significance of the Christmas celebration.

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