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SRF Monastic Visits — Spring 2023

August 30, 2023

IMG 7649 crop
Sisters Dhira and Vinita with SRF members and friends at a retreat in Seabeck, Washington, hosted by the SRF Seattle Center

Welcome to this photo essay of visits to SRF members and friends around the world made by Self-Realization Fellowship monastics in spring 2023.

The monks and nuns conduct a wide variety of inspirational events, including Kriya initiation ceremonies, lectures and classes on the “how-to-live” teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, weekend retreat programs, group meditations, kirtan devotional chanting, answering spiritual questions in satsanga, and providing individual spiritual counseling.

Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic

In February, Brahmachari Francesco and Brahmachari Daniel traveled to the Caribbean.

Las Vegas

20230219 Las Vegas 0016exp
In February, Brother Bhimananda and Brahmachari Daniel visited the Las Vegas meditation group to honor the 50th anniversary of its founding.

Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans

In March, Brothers Bhimananda and Padmananda traveled to cities in Texas and Louisiana.

20230319 Dallas Fort Worth 03 exp
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
20230322 San Antonio 0004exp
San Antonio, Texas
20230324 Austin Meditation Group 1exp
Austin, Texas
20230328 New Orleans hero originalexp
New Orleans, Louisiana

Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Cordoba

20230416 Buenos Aires 0005 exp
Buenos Aires, Argentina
20230418 19 Mar de Plata 2 exp
Mar del Plata, Argentina
20230422 Cordoba4 exp
Cordoba, Argentina

Atlanta Center

Brother Ishtananda and Brahmachari Sarat visited members at the SRF Atlanta Center in April.

20230429 Atlanta 00001 exp

Front Royal, Virginia

20230428 Front Royal 001 exp
In April, Brother Jayananda and Brahmachari Wolfgang conducted a weekend retreat for members in Front Royal, Virginia.

Los Gatos

20230430 Los Gatos 1jpg exp
Brother Naradananda and Brahmachari Leonardo traveled to Los Gatos to meet with devotees in April.

Assisi, Padova, Venice, Rome

20230509 10 Assisi Foto 261 exp
They met with members in Assisi...
...and conducted a public lecture.
20230509 10 Assisi 101 exp
Brother Keshavananda gives a public lecture to an enthusiastic audience.
The Italian edition of Autobiography of a Yogi is a popular item at the book table.
Brother Keshavananda also gave a lecture to the public in nearby Venice.
20230517 Rome 034exp
Brother Keshavananda and Brother Vajrananda then met with SRF members in Rome.
Brother Vajrananda speaks to the Rome meditation group.
Brother Keshavananda with appreciative devotees.
20230517 Sac25th 006 exp
In May, Brother Bhumananda and Brother Vidurananda traveled to the Sacramento Center to help commemorate its 25th anniversary.
Brother Bhumananda and Brother Vidurananda with members at the Sacramento Center.
Brother Bhumananda offers roses petals at the altar to commemorate the anniversary.
20230519 Sac Retreat 011 exp
Brother Bhumananda and Brother Vidurananda also conducted a weekend retreat for members in the Sacramento area.
20230519 Sac Retreat 003 exp
Brother Bhumananda giving a lecture at the Sacramento retreat.

New York Retreat and Princeton, New Jersey

20230519 New York City 025 exp
In May, members in the New York area gathered for a weekend retreat conducted by Brother Anantananda and Brahmachari Bhaskarananda.
Brother Anantananda gives a class during the retreat.
Brahmachari Bhaskarananda with members.

Portland and Eugene

20230531 Eugene Group photo pronaming exp
The monks then traveled to meet with members in Eugene, Oregon.

Brasilia — Launch of Portuguese Lessons

Curitiba and Londrina

IMG 20230611 WA0061 exp2
After Brasilia, Brother Balananda and Brahmachari Roberto then visited devotees in Curitiba, Brazil.
20230615 Londrina Brazil IMG 20230608 202915478 exp
The monks completed their Brazil tour by visiting members in Londrina.


20230602 04 London UK DSCF7522 exp
In June, Brother Sevananda, Brother Nikhilananda, and Brahmachari Klaus participated at a public lecture sponsored by the London Center members.
The monks also visited with members at the London Center.
20230602 04 London UK DSCF7655 exp
Brother Sevananda with London members.

Aschaffenburg and Hamburg

20230612 Aschaffenburg 084 exp
In June, Brother Sevananda, Brother Nikhilananda, and Brahmachari Klaus also conducted a weekend event in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
20230612 Aschaffenburg 059 exp
The event was attended by members from throughout Germany.
20230612 Aschaffenburg 053 exp
The event included a review of the SRF meditation techniques. Here Brahmachari Klaus reviews the Energization Exercises with participants.
Brother Sevananda
Brother Nikhilananda
Brahmachari Klaus
Nuns from the Nuremberg ashram also assisted at the event.
Hamburg Gruppenfoto 14 6 23 exp
Brother Nikhilananda and Brahmachari Klaus then traveled to Hamburg to visit members there.


IMG 7649 crop
In June, Sisters Dhira and Vinita led a retreat in Seabeck, Washington, sponsored by the Seattle Center.
Sister Dhira leads a meditation with kirtan chanting.
20230609 11 Seattle 0004 0021 IMG 7608 EDIT exp
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George Ochs

Wonderful to see that SRF is thriving in so many locations across the globe. Congratulations to all for your excellent work extending Master's teachings and words across the globe !

Cora de Lang

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful moments ! Inspiring
🙏🏻 Jai Gurú

David Brunk

After all these years, It is so gratifying to see the growth of fervent devotees who have sprung up from Mothercenters tireless efforts to engage.
From the connections left by our Guru, fed by the tours of Brother Anandamot, then taken up by so many new Ministers, Monks and Nuns, we are reaqping a wondrous harvest of Souls, each and all so precious to God and Guru.
The full flowering of the Divine revalation is just starting to be revealed, glorious to behold.
Jai Gur, Jai SRF!


It warms my heart to see the unity of Guru's influence throughout the world. We are one.

Catherine Stone

It is so inspiring to see all of Master's joyful devotees all over the world, all practicing the holy teachings and spreading peace and goodwill, understanding and joy to their communities and out around this earth. Thank you for showing us their radiant smiles and delight in the visits of our beloved monastics.


Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and meaningful photos. It gives me so much hope seeing so many devotees from all over the globe.


How wonderful to see so many devotees in so many places around our globe. Thank you for sharing these! Peace.

Martin Madsen

A radiant bouquet of souls! Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of photos. Jai Guru!

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