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Interviews With Brother Chidananda Featured in India’s Daily Pioneer

May 18, 2023

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We are happy to share here an ongoing series of excerpts from an interview conducted with Brother Chidananda, president and spiritual head of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, during his visit to Paramahansa Yogananda’s homeland earlier in 2023.

The 10-part series, entitled “Chintan with Chidanandaji” is being presented by India’s Daily Pioneer, one of the largest, and second oldest, English language daily newspapers in India, which is published from multiple locations in India with 13 state editions.

Click on each part to read that section of the series:

  • Part 1, published April 16: “The New Generations Will Be More Evolved”
  • Part 2, published April 23: “Use Meditation to Find Highest Material Success, Psychological and Emotional Health and Balance, and Most of All, Spiritual Health”
  • Part 3, published April 30: “Meditation Is a Survival Skill”
  • Part 4, published May 7: “India’s Spirituality Linked to the Growing Global Spiritual Civilization”
  • Part 5, published May 14: "Be the Kind of Person That Your Child Can Look Up To!"
  • Part 6, published May 21: “To Be Successful You Have to Build a Plan for Life..."
  • Part 7, published May 28: “Group Meditation Is Real Satsanga — Whether in Person or Online”

Please check back here as more interview excerpts are posted in the coming weeks.

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T. Allan

insightful answers and a good reminder about the coming generations.

Jai Guru Om 🙏🏼

Edemilson Ribeiro

Muito o obrigado pelos ensinamentos e incentivo estou muito feliz.

Immanuel Hausig

Thank you for sharing this interview with Brother Chidanandaji. It gives me hope for the future of this world where everyone treats each other as brother and sister. Through Guruji’s Kriya Yoga teachings I feel more and more an innate love for my fellow man and woman. Jai Guru!

Sadhna Srivastav

Thanks for sharing the excerpts of Chidananda Giri’s interview. It gives key to be happy all the time. I am a disciple of Gurudev Paramhansa Yoganandaji, by following Guruji’s teachings, which Chidanandaji has shared, give eternal happiness. I keep watching his videos and inspirational talks, which satisfy my spiritual hunger. 🙏🙏 Jai Guru.


Thank you for sharing, it's always a significant and precious opportunity to reflect about life inner and real purpose.

Benjamin Hatfield

Thank you Brother Chidanandaji 😊🙏 Jai Guru🌟

Amlan Mukherjee

These are the practical guidelines to be eternally happy, abundant & successful


Guruji paramahansa yogananda's and guru chidanandaji's is the good level guru you teach the life to God way and go the god ....

Pamela Ryland

Wonderfully caring words if encouragement to all. As Bro said, the World IS evolving & does promise hope for a decent earthly sojourn so long as we are guided by omniscience & less focus on ego.
We are 323 years into the ascending Dwarpara Yuga with still milleniums to go. Meditation will be the 'salve'.

Soqui Rodriguez

May Brother's words fall in receptive hearts and minds. May they ignite the light that dissipate all darkness. Om Guru.

Martin Madsen

Thank you for sharing this wonderful series! Brother Chidanandaji's observations are deeply insightful. Jai Guru!

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