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A Toolkit for Experiencing Peace Today

August 31, 2023

Peace Toolkit Blog Post

You cannot buy peace; you must know how to manufacture it within, in the stillness of your daily practices in meditation.

Paramahansa Yogananda

On this page you will find techniques and guided meditations, drawing from the wisdom-trove of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings, to help you begin right now to “manufacture” peace within yourself by:

  • Relaxing the body (removing tension from the muscles)
  • Creating a protective moment of silence for mental relaxation
  • Anchoring yourself in calmness
  • Diving into longer guided meditations on inner peace
  • Absorbing wisdom from Sri Mrinalini Mata for holding on to your peace

You can draw from the contents of this page in whatever order you please. Of course the best course of action would be to apply daily the methods given here or other instructions from Paramahansaji for knowing and sharing peace — as everything you experience will be deepened by regular repetition and practice.

Relax the Body to Invite Peace and Go Within

Paramahansa Yogananda teaches that “a body that is relaxed and calm invites mental peace, which is necessary for meditation, the spiritual art of communion with God.” In his book Inner Peace: How to Be Calmly Active and Actively Calm, he shares the following techniques for relaxing the body (which are simplified instructions based on the science of recharging the body and promoting perfect relaxation that he teaches in full in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons):

  • Tense with will: By command of will, direct the life energy (through the process of tension) to flood the body or any body part. Feel the energy vibrating there, energizing and revitalizing.

    Relax and feel:
    Relax the tension, and feel the soothing tingle of new life and vitality in the recharged area. Feel that you are not the body; you are that life which sustains the body. Feel the peace, the freedom, the increased awareness that comes with the calmness produced by the practice of this technique.

  • Repeat 3 times, at any time you feel weak and nervous:
    (a) Inhale, holding the breath.
    (b) Gently contract the entire body, all muscles at once.
    (c) Hold the contraction for a count of 1 to 20, with deep attention on the entire body.
    (d) Exhale, releasing the contraction.

Create a Moment of Spiritualized Silence in Your Busy Day — Mental Relaxation

In this video clip, SRF nun Sister Brahmani shares a very short exercise from Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF Lessons to induce mental relaxation and create a moment of silence, a protective pause in the midst of our busy daily activities, so we can experience — even for a minute or less — peaceful contact with the Divine that can become a sustaining influence on our mental state and well-being.

Anchor Yourself in Calmness — Guided Meditation (approx. 15 minutes)

Self-Realization Fellowship nun Sister Karuna leads a guided meditation on anchoring oneself in the peace of meditation. This meditation incorporates an affirmation and visualization by Paramahansa Yogananda from Inner Peace: How to Be Calmly Active and Actively Calm.

When you think you have reached the utmost depths of silence and calmness, go deeper still.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Dive Deep Into Inner Peace — Guided Meditation (approx. 30 minutes)

Self-Realization Fellowship monk Brother Sevananda leads a guided meditation on inner peace, inviting you to experience the depths of peace found in a meditation and affirmation given by Paramahansa Yogananda. As Paramahansaji has said: “Through the intuition of your soul feel the manifestation of God bursting through the clouds of your restlessness as great peace and joy.”

The meditation includes a longer version of the following affirmation, which you can also practice on your own at any time you wish to manifest more peace in your life and the world:

Peace fills my body; peace fills my heart and dwells within my love; peace within, without, everywhere.

Infinite peace surrounds my life and permeates all the moments of my existence.

Peace unto myself; peace unto my family; peace unto my nation; peace unto my world; peace unto my cosmos.

Hold On to Your Peace — And a Way to Bring It Back When You Forget

As we go through life we are often faced with daily challenges that seem to cause us to have to let go of the peace we have gained in meditation, substituting instead feelings of frustration or confusion.

But as Sri Mrinalini Mata, beloved fourth president of SRF/YSS, explains in the following short clip from her satsanga at the 2011 SRF World Convocation, we always have in that moment a powerful choice and way of practicing the Divine presence which will allow us to reestablish ourselves in the state of peace whenever it slips away.

You can glimpse from this small toolkit how much peace is available to you, from within, right now. By repeated daily practice a previously hidden and untapped reservoir of peace can become a constant positive and flowing force in your life.

But this toolkit only begins to take you to the fathomless depths of peace that can be experienced by putting Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings into practice. If you wish to go much deeper, we suggest you learn more about and consider enrolling for the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons — Paramahansaji’s complete instructions in meditation techniques and a comprehensive way of life that can lead you directly to the unending fountain of peace and bliss within your soul.

Teach me to find Thy presence on the altar of my constant peace and in the joy that springs from deep meditation.

Paramahansa Yogananda
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Natasha Gill

I have found myself going, over and over again, through these tools and techniques, so valuable and so available. Thank you for making it so. Sitting for the guided mediation now with a joyous expectation!
Jai Guru🙏🏻

Dick Day

I find myself going back to work after five years of retirement. It’s only half a year since I became a Kriyaban so I’m concerned about going back into the world in my beginner devotee state. This toolkit will be of great value as I go even further into the plains of Kurukshetra in the war for my soul.

Fausto Oliveira

Thank you SRF for putting this toolkit for peace together. It will surely be greatly beneficial to many of us who get challenged by the world's turmoils everyday. Our efforts in meditation are encouraged and strengthened with initiatives such as this. Much grattitude.

Katrina Dangleman

These teachings and the timing of them, are proof of this living relationship with Yogananda. I am eternally grateful for this Divine treasure chest that continuously guides my steps and consciousness inward and upward.

Jai Guru,

Soumen Samanta

Calmness and Peace are essential ingredients for leading a Fulfilling and Impactful life. Paramahansa Yogananda profound teachings are doorways for enhancing depth and intensity of life process !

Chandanna Tandan

Thanks so much for the timely help which I received through your email.
Jai Guru. 🙏

Carmen Santos

I’m so grateful for having found Yogananda as my Guru. The support that SRF has been giving us is immense. I feel safe to face life’s challenges because I have all the tools that comes from Master’s teachings.

Jo Stember

We are so blessed to have Master and His caring monastics in our life. Blessings to you all! Jai Guru Jo


What a wonderful toolkit. It's all laid out here for us to dive into daily. For when we have peace within we can emanate it to others. Jai Guru.


The toolkit is wonderful and very helpful, thank you! Jai Maa!!

Kati SzamosCarolina

We are blessed beyond measure to have the anchor of divine guidance of our Guru. There is deep gratitude to our monastic family and their efforts to be by our side as we live in this world.

Jai Guru!

Erin Mahon

I cannot begin to tell you how important this message about peace was this afternoon when I received the email. The timing was perfect and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to say thanks !

Alice Trindade

Boa noite.
Antes de tudo, agradeço imensamente este contato, recebendo preciosos ensinamentos.
Vou tentar praticar as ferramentas sozinha, porque desconheço que em minha cidade exista uma filial da Self Realization onde pudesse praticar com pessoas mais capacitadas.


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