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2023 Christmas Message From Brother Chidananda

December 10, 2023

My greatest Christmas gift for you is the wish that the joy which Christ felt in his soul may come to you; and as you enter the portals of the new year, you may take with you into every day that ever new joy of Christ.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Dear One,

Joyous Christmas greetings to you from the ashrams of Paramahansa Yogananda! As we enter this holy season of spiritual promise, a solacing heavenly peace emanates with increased strength from the infinite Christ Consciousness — God’s loving and omnipresent awareness in creation. If we make ourselves receptive, those elevating peaceful vibrations have the power to transform us profoundly by bestowing a tangible experience of our true soul nature. That awakening soul-understanding is the gift I pray you will receive at Christmastime — wrapped with eternal care by our Divine Beloved God, inscribed by Him with your name, and placed with His perfect tenderness in your hands.

“Meditation opens the door to Christ Consciousness,” Paramahansaji said. “We should be persistent and sensitively alert, and let God’s love and light expand in us from the spark of Christ Consciousness that is cradled in each of us.” With a single-hearted loyalty to God, putting aside the many demands of his outer mission, Jesus would create opportunities to fully absorb himself in deep meditative communion with the Heavenly Father. Regardless of our outward role in the drama of creation, let us also commit to the paramount importance of regularly casting off the world to go within, infusing with eager yearning for God our practice of the blessed methods of meditation our Guru has given us.

It was at the behest of Jesus and Mahavatar Babaji that the ancient Kriya Yoga science was sent in this age as a priceless treasure. Through its techniques and way of life, and our devotion to God as His children, we can turn the motivating inspiration of Christ and the Great Ones into our own realizations of strength, joy, wisdom, and love. As we do so, the Christ Consciousness that was perfectly manifested in their lives will be increasingly born in us.

This true celebration of Christmas, which our Guru extolled, will also empower us to courageously face and inwardly triumph over all challenges with which we are met. By taking shelter in the celestial gift of Kriya Yoga, over time our capacity to hold firm in the consciousness of divine support for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world will expand; and we will gradually gain an intuitively assured faith that we are never outside the protecting aura of our Divine Benefactor. My prayer for you is that your heart and home be filled with Christ-joy this Christmas and always — with the uplifting vibrations of unconditional love and enduring peace continuously flowing from God, Christ, and Gurus.

Wishing you and your loved ones a most blessed Christmas,

Brother Chidananda

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Such Love and such Gratitude! to be so blessed to have God lead us to
Master to lead our lives! We are a Holy group of Divine humans ---and
by the Grace of God may we be worthy of this gift and exemplify it in
our lives-- every moment of every day !!!


Dear Brother Chidanandaji,
So grateful for SRF. It has changed my life. All the blessings to everyone involved and those who is sharing guruji's message. Jai Guru.

Susan Willson

May God and our Gurudeva bless all of our world wide family at this Christmas time. We are all so blessed and privileged to be apart of this amazing family. Jai Guru🙏🥰

Sudha Susan Willson

Thanks Chidananda Ji , Wish you and Monastic family Merry Christmas and Happy New year and May our Divine Mother's and Gurus blessings are always on each one of us forever. Jai Gurudeva!!


Thank you, Brother Chidanandaji, for this beautiful message reminding us of the sanctuary of Christ, the Masters, and Kriya Yoga. May God and Gurus bless you, the nuns, and the monks, who selflessly give of yourselves to teach, guide and inspire us.

Ravi Kanduri

Jai Guru Br. Chidanandaji
We are blessed to have been in the YSS/SRF path with monks like you and other Brother and Sister Monks blessing everyone on this planet on this auspicious Christmas Eve.
May the Guruji's teachings spread in the entire world under your Presidentship for a peaceful and joyful World.
Thanks you all JaiGuru

Sandy Brooks

A Wonderful Blessing and Thank You to my SRF/YSS family around the world that you may enjoy the true Spirt of this time of year! Special THANKS to the beloved monks and nuns serving Master's work around the world in the Centers, Groups and Temples and making possible this incredible digital offering to everyone, in all parts of this world and beyond as the Light of The Great Ones continues to spread!!

Jonathan Gabriel

Dear Brother Chidananda,
Thank you and to everyone in SRF/YSS. 🙏🏼
I am so grateful and feel blessed for everything and wish a joyous Christmas to everyone and all the devotees and seekers part of this wonderful and priceless treasure, may this blessed day bring love and peace to all ❤

Jai Guru 🙏🏼

Shivi Mehrotra

🙏😇❤Jai Gurudev❤😇🙏

S. M. DevarajShivi Mehrotra

Most beloved and Rev. Brother Chidananda ji,
Thank you for creating this platform to express my thanks to you, for sending GOD blessed Christmas greetings,which gives me a feeling that I am standing in front of you with folded hands received directly. Your untiring effort to make people attracted towards God consciousness is exemplary. Your ever cheerful and magnetic pull gives immense strength to ascend the spiritual highway comfortably. Kindly receive my humble Merry Christmas greeting and through you to all the Swami's, Sister nuns and all in the ashrams of SRF/YSS.

Edward Shambhu Rosa

Thank you Brother Chidanandaji ❤🙌 so wonderful to read you're message exciting Jai Guruji ! So Grateful and so incredibly thankful what a great gift message thank you thank you thank you Merry Christmas to everyone Feliz Navidad and to all Traditions everywhere Love to Y'all and lot's of great gifts memories Divine Love to my Unconditional Worldwide Family Friends everywhere a greatest joy this season and years end and begin again thank you all too thank you all God Blessing's Deepest Blessing's unconditionally JaiGuruji!⭐🙏

Fern Fisher

Your message was so uplifting Br Chidananda, thank you. What a gift Kriya Yoga is in our lives; life throws us tests and trials but Kriya is the life raft that carries us through. What a gift to us all.
Sending you all so much love to you all at this blessed time of year.


joyous Christmas o u all the people in the world let our love spread from heart to heart

Harry Pigman

Love for all humanity pours forth from your ashrams and blesses us all.
Jai Guru

Jacqueline Corless

Christmas Blessings and Heartfelt Thanks to all the Monks & Nuns @ SRF. Yes our Beloved Guru has a large family filled with Divine Mothers Love. Jai guru. Jai Christ

Bala Cherla

Dear Swami Chidanandaji,
Joyful Christmas greetings to you as well and to our dear Monastic family at all the SRF/YSS Ashrams 🙏. Thank you for all you do. Love and Light, Jai Guru 🙏

Joseph Salvatore Giacalone

Thank you Brother Chidananda, and best wishes to all the monks and nuns of SRF.

John SalihJoseph Salvatore Giacalone

Pronams of love, gratitude, and devotion, to our Guru and those who so faithfully serve him and manifest his divine love and wisdom on this sacred path. A blessed Christmas to Brother Chidananda, the Board of Directors, and all the monks and nuns serving in the ashrams of SRF/YSS.

Lou Dubnow

I know what's "under my tree" this year, these beautiful teachings, and the beautiful souls such as you brother who keep them alive and accessible ! What a gift! Feeling so blessed and grateful to all! Merry Christmas SRF/YSS family!!!

Sara and Allen Smith

How can we add to the beautiful messages above and the love pouring from around the world. That is Christmas!
Dear Brother Chidananda, may you be wrapped in this group love and everyone's desires to serve the Guru's work, so that your Christmas is extra special this year.
In Gratitude and also our humble love,
The Smiths

Ronald D. Henderson

A Blessed and Blissful Christmas to Brother Chidananda, all of SRF'S monks, nuns and Guruji's worldwide family!

Malar Vilie Punnan Palam

Daily, from this distance land I am, I pray to God, to bless SRF, dedicated monks and nuns, for bringing Paramahansa Yogananda's teaching alive and restoring yearning soul back to the source. All of us are the 'Kashi, Reborn and Discovered' (AOY, Chapter 28) by SRF birth after birth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023! Jai Guru.

Deborah Faria

May you be blessed with a joyous Christmas season dear Brother Chidananda. Thank you for your beautiful Christmas message to us. My pranams to you. Jai Guru. 🙏🕉☮

Patrick Roche

I get lost in Brother Chidananda beautiful words every time, but the crude world finds me so easily. I guess it's striving, striving, done. Jai Guru. Patrick.

Lou DubnowPatrick Roche

I have never replied to a message on here, but it was so on my heart to say, Yes Patrick, I agree, and as Master has said, keep making the effort! For me, the movie tricks me almost every time, but I keep striving!

Mary Thomas

Heartfelt thanks for this most beautiful message and the divine radiance it transmits. ❤


Thank You for everything Beloved Gurudev and Beloved Param Gurus. Thank you Brother Ji for your message , your prayers and blessings, and your constant support . A very Merry Christmas , a Happy New Year and a big Thank You to my Beloved Worldwide Spiritual Family - both the monastics as well as the lay member brothers and sisters. JAI GURU 🙏 ❤🙏

Tim Boettcher

Thank you Brother. May you and all the monks and nuns enJOY a blessed holiday season. Jai Guru!


Merry Christmas to Brother Chidanandaji and all at Mother Center. Have a blessed New Year 2024 too
Thank you for all your love and guidance too.
May God and Guru bless and guide us all.
Jai Guru🙏

Flor Zepeda

Thanks to our Divine Guru for our spiritual path and for all the brothers and sisters who work to make the path available to us. Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for all the wonderful and blessed work you do.
Jai Guru

Devi Surampudi

Thankyou Br. Chidananda for this beautiful uplifting msg. It was very motivating too.
Yes, we will do that to spread the love and joy we feel and understand from our inner perceptions.
Best Wishes to you and all the nuns and monks of SRF/YSS ashrams all over the world for a Blessed and Happy Christmas and New Year. May the joy and love spread far and wide reaching all.

Janet Harrison

I am so grateful to our Guru Paramahansaji and the monastics of the Self-Realization Family for their love and sacrifices for the rest of us who are benefitting from their care. I cannot thank them enough... Om, Peace, Amen

Jane Thompson Janet Harrison

I feel Exactly the same! Couldnt say it any better. Soooooo grateful to Master for his abiding love, care and guidance in my life. Its beyond words! I love the weekly Friday inspirational talks. I look forward each week.
The monks and nuns are such a shining example of Masters teachings and love.
Jai guru

Martin Madsen

Thank you, Brother Chidanandaji, for your beautiful words of solace and the uplifting vibration streaming through them. A Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and all the Self-Realization Fellowship monks and nuns. Jai Guru! Jai Christ!

Law McCardle

Thank you brother - wishing the same to you and all the SRF spiritual warriors on this blessed path!

JaiGuru 🙏

Amie Siegenthaler

Joyous Tiddings of Peace and Goodwill to all this Christmas Season..... Thank you, Brother Chidananda 🙏 ❤ 💙 🙌

Kavita Shah

Soulful greetings from Brother Chidananda!! May this Christmas bring peace and joy to all of us

Beatrice Nabatanzi

Am grateful to Guruji for blessing us with Brother Chidananda as our spiritual leader to more blissful yrs ahead plus all the Monks and Nuns and all SRF members in the world 🙏

Richard Day

I add my prayer to that of Brother Chidanandas for the gift of awakening soul-understanding this Christmas for all those still seeking, including myself.

Judy Miller

Thank you so very much dear Brother Chidananda. Your words are always such a comfort and a blessing! We are sending you love and light now and always! Blessings to all the monastics and Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all the beautiful souls in this universe! God and Gurus guidance and blessings will be always for us! Merry Christmas to my SRF Brothers and Sisters! Jai Guru!

Judy Davie

Thank you to Brother Chidananda and to all the monastics who work so hard to protect and fullfill Master's vision for this work. I am so incredibly grateful to be part of this worldwide devotee family. May the joys of this Christmas season bring us all great peace and joy. And may we continue in the coming new year to keep on supporting each other on our way back to our Divine home.

Charles Zimmer

Also to you brother Chidananda and all of the nuns and monks of all the ashrams and all my fellow seekers ! The love and the help in my seeking is inspired by all and I thank you all.

Vipul PonappaCharles Zimmer

Dear Brother Chidanandaji,
Thank you and our Brothers and Sisters of SRF/YSS for all you do to retain and spread our Gurus teachings in its purest form; for all the services, the nuggets of wisdom, for all the talks that are well thought out that take excerpts of Gurujis writings to a whole different level; and for not forgetting Gurujis beloved India- for all that and then some our eternal love and gratitude. Jai Guru 🙏

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