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A Message From Brother Chidananda on Resurrection

Mar 29, 2019

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Behold thine immortal Self resurrected with Christ in the illuminating Light of Christ Consciousness, present in every soul, every flower, every atom.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Easter 2019

The joyous Easter message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ reminds us anew of his glorious victory over every limitation of mortal life — and brings encouragement to each of us to awaken the limitless freedom, power, and joy within our own souls. As you dwell on the divine life of Jesus, may his example inspire you, and strengthen your confidence that the universal light of Christ Consciousness manifest in him is also within you. It is waiting to be resurrected from the confines of the ego, to shed the covering of ignorance accumulated in dealing with the outer world of duality and with the inner self-created environment of limiting habits and thoughts to which most persons accustom themselves.

God created our souls in the beautiful image of His love and goodness, and has given each of us the power to manifest that image in our lives. The all-inclusive consciousness of Jesus reflected perfectly that Christ-love which reaches beyond a small circle of caring to encompass all of God’s children. He did not judge people by nationality or social status; nor did he shun those who had erred. Even on the cross, he sought forgiveness for his enemies. To see and respect God in all is a wonderful way to expand our human consciousness into divine consciousness. Each time we seek to understand someone whose opinions differ from our own, or express consideration of others’ needs, we broaden the horizons of our minds and enlarge the compassion of our hearts. Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda said: “One of the greatest victories over the little self is to be sure of your capacity to be always thoughtful and loving, to be secure in the knowledge that no one can make you act differently.” The world thinks that power means the ability to control others. But God-united souls like Christ have proven that there is no greater power than to control one’s own consciousness in accord with God’s will and His laws of love and truth. When we follow that example, we no longer need to depend for our self-esteem upon the fickle world of maya or be ruled by the short-sighted ego. We know the inner assurance and freedom of a calm mind and a conscience at peace. That is the consciousness in which Jesus lived.

The fullest blossoming of our immortal potential comes when, with ever-deepening yearning, we commune with God in the silent temple of the soul. Each devotional effort to touch that indwelling Divine Presence brings us closer to resurrection from human consciousness into Christ Consciousness. By feeling even a momentary contact with the all-fulfilling reality of Christ-love in our hearts, we know that there is nothing else to want or need. Whatever our outer circumstances, we find a deep security and trust within, knowing that we are in the loving hands of Him who created us in His image of immortality and joy.

May the dawn of that awareness in your soul be your blessed Easter awakening,

Brother Chidananda

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