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2017 Summer Day Program: Building a Spiritual Foundation for a Lifetime

November 08, 2017

I wish my school was like this.

12 year-old girl

“Spiritualizing Relationships” was the theme explored at Self-Realization Fellowship’s third annual How-to-Live Summer Day Program for children and teens, held in summer 2017 on the 20-acre campus of the Encinitas Country Day School near the SRF Encinitas Ashram Center in California.

The young participants were led by experienced monastics and lay teachers to focus on qualities integrally related to this year’s theme—such as respect, loyalty, and selflessness—which are necessary in building divine friendships, living in harmony with others, and getting along with oneself. A desire to have meaningful interactions with others based on spiritual principles is prevalent amongst the students that attend the program, and this year’s theme allowed for that concern to be deeply explored.

Sister Ranjana Addresses The Opening Class Girls
Sister Ranjana addresses the opening class for the girls’ week, June 26 – 30.
Brother Sarvananda Opens The Boys’ Week
Brother Sarvananda opens the boys’ week, July 3 – 7.

Classes Tailored to Meet the Needs of Different Ages 

As one of the program coordinators, Sister Ranjana, explained: “Our SRF youth are longing to find ways to successfully navigate the complexities and pressure they confront in daily life, with unique challenges for each age group. There is a growing desire in these children and teens to receive Paramahansa Yogananda’s high spiritual ideals and practical instruction, and apply them in the situations they face.”

To accommodate this need, the program’s classes and activities were structured within eight groups over an eleven-year age range of students, allowing instructors to craft discussions and creative projects suited to the particular stage of learning and interests of each class.

The students enjoyed that each group was named after a place associated with Paramahansaji’s life in India—such as “Garpar Road,” the street where his family resided in Kolkata; or “Ranchi,” the location of his first permanent school and ashram, established in 1918.

Group practice of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises began each day at 9:00 a.m....
…and was followed by group prayer, devotional chanting, and meditation.
Daily activities include classes and discussions, sports, theatrical improvisation, crafts projects, science experiments, and quiet time for journaling and introspection.
Friendship with the guru was the theme of one of the week’s craft activities.

A Foundation in Meditation

Fulfilling a vital need for the development of character, self-esteem, and moral strength in young people, the SRF programs for youth teach that Self-realization through yoga meditation is the fountainhead of true happiness.

Paramahansaji said, “God has given us the power of spiritual inspiration—realization of the pure bliss of His presence within us....Ever strive to establish the divine consciousness in your children by teaching them to meditate.” During the Summer Day Program, eligible students received personal instruction in the Hong-Sau and Aum meditation techniques from SRF monastics.

Sister Ranjana observed, “Many of the students, from the youngest to the oldest, commented on how much the meditation periods helped them to let go of underlying tensions, relaxing body and mind, and to experience peace within. They said that they were able to feel Paramahansaji’s presence—giving them the assurance that God is with them, guiding and blessing their lives.”

Youth Class Foundation In Meditation
Summer Day Program Girls
A special highlight was a pilgrimage to the nearby SRF Encinitas Ashram Center overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where Paramahansaji lived and communed with God for many years. Sister Ranjana (above) conducts the tour for one of the teen groups on the lawn outside Paramahansaji’s Hermitage during their trip to the Meditation Gardens.

Testimonials from this year’s Summer Day Program

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