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Meditation and Spiritual Life: Experiences of SRF Members


Self-Realization Fellowship members share their experiences with Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings and describe how they have influenced their lives.

At the core of Paramahansaji’s teachings are the yoga techniques of meditation, concentration, and energization that he taught, including the highest technique of Kriya Yoga. His step-by-step instructions in these methods are presented in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons—a home-study course available to all interested seekers of higher consciousness. The Lessons also provide a wealth of practical guidance on how to spiritualize all aspects of life.

Paramahansaji also wrote many books for the general public that expound various facets of spirituality with unsurpassed depth and clarity, and that also provide much useful instruction in the science of yoga. The spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi provides a wonderful introduction to his life and philosophy, which is rooted in a deep love for God and humanity.