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Quotes about Paramahansa Yogananda from renowned politicians and government officials.

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"If we had a man like Paramahansa Yogananda in the United Nations today, probably the world would be a better place than it is."

Dr. Binay R. Sen,

former Ambassador of India to the U.S.

"I have the highest regard for him....I have kept up a heavy correspondence with Yogananda for many years, exchanging viewpoints on different subjects. His letters were of great inspiration and help to me. His death was a considerable loss for humanity."

His Excellency Emilio Portes Gil,

former President of Mexico

"His warm personality and kindly understanding will be sorely missed by all of those who were privileged to know him."

Goodwin J. Knight,

former Governor of California

"He was indeed an outstanding individual, devoted to peace and understanding among the peoples of the earth. It may truly be said that he left the world a little better for having been on it...."

Judge Stanley Mosk,

Supreme Court of the State of California

"The scientific teachings and discussions of Paramahansa Yogananda [are] landmarks in the march of human civilization."

G. N. Vaidya,

Justice of the High Court, Bombay

"I am taking this opportunity of letting you know of the benefits that I have received from your educational lectures while you were recently in Pittsburgh. I know that you are carrying through a great constructive educational work in this country, and every help and encouragement should be given you. If the people of this country would live up to the doctrines taught by you, there would be little or no use of the existence of the Morals Court."

A. D. Brandon, 

Judge of the Morals Court, Pittsburgh, PA

"Washington has had its share of psychologists. But it is well-nigh universal testimony that [your] philosophy and system was an entirely new experience....Your lectures and classes have been of benefit to my wife and myself beyond my power to express to you. Nerves, worry, and the uncertainties of modern American life, as well as a hunger for a spiritual understanding which could square our traditional Christian faith with the hard realities of practical life, urged us to seek you. Listening to your noble and practical philosophy has given us peace and comfort."

Louis E. Van Norman,

Editor, "The Nation's Business";  commercial attaché, Department of Commerce

"Apart from the charm and beauty of his physical being, which was no doubt the index of the soul he possessed, Paramahansaji's deep affection and love for humanity — including even those unfriendly and reluctant to share in his faith — gave him a stature among his fellow beings which it would be difficult to match.

"He brought to America from the country of his birth the serenity of soul and the understanding of the human and spiritual values of life which not only helped many a man high and low to obtain peace of mind in modern society but also helped in an understanding between the peoples of India and the U.S.A.

"As an apostle of peace and a believer in the brotherhood of man, Yoganandaji devoted his life and all the energy and means he possessed to the cause of understanding and friendship between the East and the West."

Mulk Raj Ahuja,

Consul General of India