Interment of Sri Mrinalini Mata

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On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, an interment ceremony was conducted by Self-Realization Fellowship President Brother Chidananda for our late beloved President Sri Mrinalini Mata, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Members of the SRF and YSS Boards of Directors, along with other senior monks and nuns, participated in the sacred ceremony, during which a beautiful urn containing her ashes was reverently placed in a wall niche in the Columbarium of Adoration section of Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum.

Mminterment Monastics

The Columbarium of Adoration, where Sri Mrinalini Mata’s niche is situated, is located in the same section of the Great Mausoleum as Paramahansa Yogananda’s crypt, the Holly Terrace. Sri Daya Mata’s crypt is also located very near to that of our Guru. For directions to all three of these sites, please refer to the directions available online.

At present the niche is unmarked, but will be identified with an engraved plaque as soon as one can be made. But visitors can locate it by referring to the directions and photo below.

Directions to the niche of Sri Mrinalini Mata:

At the Holly Terrace entrance to the Great Mausoleum, please ring the doorbell and ask to see the niche of Sri Mrinalini Mata. Once inside the building, walk down the large hallway until you reach the first corridor leading off to the right. Turn right, and then immediately right again into the Columbarium of Adoration. (At the entrance to this area, there is a bronze floor plate that indicates it is the Columbarium of Adoration.) Proceed into the columbarium toward the stained-glass window to the last of the three arched sections in this area. The niche is located on the left side of this section, in the center, about four feet up. It is the one with the flower vase in the photo below.


It is also possible to walk through the Mausoleum from the crypt of Paramahansa Yogananda. Walk down the main corridor until you come to an exit sign in the middle, and turn left, and you will see ahead the glass doors to the Holly Terrace entrance. Walk toward these doors, turn left, and then turn right immediately into the Columbarium of Adoration. The photo above shows the location of Sri Mrinalini Mata’s niche. For further assistance at Forest Lawn, there is a staffed information desk in the Memorial Terrace section of the Great Mausoleum.