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A Continuing “Livestream” of Divine Blessings — and the Power Behind the 2023 SRF World Convocation

August 11, 2023


It is hard to believe that our 2023 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation has already come to a close. But as SRF/YSS President Brother Chidananda said at the start of his satsanga during the closing program on August 5, we should think of this time instead as a transition into the next phase of our receiving the divine upliftment and rejuvenation Convocation has brought — and can continue to bring — into our hearts and homes.

Satsanga With Brother Chidananda — and the Real “Livestreaming”

Brother Chidananda 2023 Convocation Satsanga blog post2

During his satsanga, livestreamed from the main chapel of the SRF International Headquarters in Los Angeles, Brother Chidananda assured those viewing, now and in the future, that they would be able to continue to benefit from Convocation not only because of the welcome fact of online classes, kirtans, and meditations remaining available, but most importantly because of a truth that lies at the heart of Convocation, and the whole of the SRF/YSS work — the ever present and potent blessings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

After relating an account from Sri Daya Mata of how on the last day of Paramahansaji’s earthly incarnation, in 1952, those around the great Guru felt as if they were in the presence of God as the Divine Mother, and that She was using Paramahansaji “as a perfect channel to send out waves of love to all creation,” Brother Chidananda stated: “That, my brothers and sisters, is the real ‘livestreaming’ — and we can feel that even today. I know that many of you have felt it. Many of you have been…gathering that in your hearts throughout this week of meditations and classes and inspirations and divine fellowship.”

At the end of the satsanga, to emphasize again the ongoing nature of Convocation, Brother Chidananda said the closing prayer should be thought of instead as “a prayer of continuation of Convocation.” He then led the same prayer with which he had inaugurated Convocation at the opening program, ending with the heartfelt and powerful invocation: “Beloved God, awaken in each one of us the full consciousness of our Spirit-nature — full of joy, full of wisdom and compassion, strength and courage, indomitable will — and above all, fill us with a supreme desire to know ourselves as Your immortal children of eternal bliss.”

Glimpses of Convocation From Around the World

More than 22,000 spiritual seekers from 130 countries registered for the SRF World Convocation this year, to partake in the exploration of their true soul nature. And many more participated by watching online events on YouTube.

This year’s Convocation was truly a worldwide program in more ways than ever before, with a full schedule of events streamed online, in-person events at SRF locations in Southern California, many SRF centers and groups around the world hosting in-person viewing events, and, for the first time, Self-Realization Fellowship monastics visited fourteen cities in Europe, North America, and South America during the week of Convocation.

Below is a short video greeting from the groups who hosted monastic visits, which was shared by Brother Chidananda during his satsanga.

And here you can enjoy many images from Convocation gatherings around the globe!

These Convocation talks and meditations have been such a joy and inspiration! It’s so wonderful to share the online viewing with other devotees. I feel like our Kansas City Meditation Group is filled more than ever with the love of the Gurus due to all these amazing talks and meditations!!

R. D., Kansas

Having come on the path during the pandemic and attending only online events and meditations, what a blessing it was for me to attend a satsanga and meditation at the Houston Center during the monastic Convocation visit and to meet them in person. The experience was very uplifting and I found it easier to calm my restless mind. Their satsanga answers clarified so many of my doubts and gave me the confidence and assurance to move forward with an important decision in my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to interact with the monastics.

R. T., Texas

During the 2023 Convocation at the Self-Realization Fellowship New York City Center, my experience with Sister Ranjana and Brahmacharini Laura was profoundly meaningful. Interacting with the monastics allowed me to witness a higher level of spiritual dedication and discipline, inspiring me to deepen my own practice. Their presence exuded a sense of peace and inner contentment, which was infectious and uplifting.

M. E., New York City

Thank You for Your Expressions of Appreciation and Support

Many of you have reached out to express your heartfelt appreciation for the divine inspiration and practical insights you received from the Convocation classes and other events.

We share your deep gratitude for all the blessings of this week of spiritual renewal and fellowship — and are so happy that so many have been able to participate in person or online, to draw from the measureless depths of Paramahansaji’s wisdom and care for those seeking and striving to know the Divine within themselves.

What will you hold on to?

Reflecting on what key takeaways you want to focus on from Convocation is a very influential tool for your spiritual development and to continue the sense of well-being experienced during the program.

After all, if we can put into practice even a portion of what we have learned during the week, then Convocation has the power to truly transform our lives.

We hope your Convocation experience continues to inspire you in ways that bring you lasting peace, harmony, and deeper realization of your oneness with the Divine.

What are your main takeaways from Convocation? Please let us know in the comments!

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Bro. Chidananda is helping us connect to God and Guru's by his example, when he leads the 3hr convocation meditations. I find his guidance very helpful. I like his chanting, affirmations, and guidance that he prefaces during each of the three sessions of the meditations. Thank you and God bless you and SRF/YSS.

Mel Damodaran

What was it in Brother Chidananda’s satsanga that I found especially inspiring or helpful? I especially loved Master's affirmation, "I am submerged in eternal light..." and the variations of it. I intend to watch it again and make notes! But, even more important than any specific message, I remember thinking, "I want to be drunk with God and Guru like this devotee! Divine Mother, will I be - some day?" I love you, Brother Chidanandaji, all our dear monks and nuns of SRF/YSS, and all my spiritual family of Gurudeva's disciples all over this world and beyond!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Seema Buch

We had a wonderful spiritual time listening to various lectures kirtan by our SRF and YSS monks.
We hope by God and Gurus grace the same way we may participate in the convocation program in future.
Jai Guru 🌹🌹🙏🙏


This lovely week was mostly spend home alone, and proved an other turning point towards a deeper sadhana and a clearer routine. Though I attended all events in hindsight, it didn't lessen my enthusiasm, and so far none of it has been lost in life's noisiness.
I tremendously enjoyed Satsanga and to me, the talks Building a Personal Spiritual Fortress and the Guru: Messenger of God stood out. It's so promising that my devotion can only grow, as the depth of meditations.
Oh, and the videos from devotees all over the world really touched my heart. You all do! Jai Guru, Jai Ma! 🙏🏽💗


This Convocation it became clearer than ever that these teachings are the comforting cornerstone of my life. Every day, if I am not connected my worries and fears invade and every day I stay in tune, is more peaceful and joyful. These classes help me to be in tune and happier! Can’t thank you enough-- Convocation is very special. I watched Brother Chidananda's satsanga w my headphones in walking through the airport and was in such a state of love for my fellow travelers! Jai Guru and much gratitude.

Mtume Imani

Praises to God Guru and ALL of the Monks, Nuns and volunteers for a wonderful Convocation this year!!! I thoroughly enjoyed each lecture and Kirtan and Satsanga. This technology is so magnificent, as it provides those of us who can't afford to travel to Los Angeles to reap the benefits of all the spiritual blessings our Guru prepares for all of His followers. May He continue to strenghten, protect and guide your lives as you serve His wonderful cause on this Earth. Peace, blessings, pranams, and good will to all the leaders and followers of this Heavenly Work. Ja'i Guru!!!

Chandra McCormack

At our meditation group on Saturday, the leader played the entire 3 hour meditation with Brother Chidananda. Before going, I was thinking how I wanted to hold onto the dynamo of Convocation-and there it was! I felt so blessed. I never knew such a tremendous love before meeting Yogananda, and even greater love continues to unfold through Guruji and this path of SRF. I am so grateful! IDF


Thank you so deeply and I appreciate that the recordings are still available! I wish the Energy exercise had been with a lighter background It was a wonderful demonstration but a bit hard to see because of the dark background! I can’t thank you all enough. It is so amazing that the whole world can be part of it because the technology. Love all the way home to Mother Divine. Viola🕉️

Lou Dubnow

For me, it wasn't anything specific he said, but it was how his satsanga made me feel. His direct eye contact, the love and devotion pouring through his presence, weaving this our spiritual family together. Thank you Brother, thank you all, and of course, thank you Master!

RuthLou Dubnow

Lou, you expressed it beautifully, Brother Chadanandaji’s loving wise words travelled over the earth to each of us.

K Gayathri Devi

I had spent wonderful time with the SRF convocation. It really uplifted my consciousness and felt very grateful to all the monastics for giving us great time and opportunity to wander into the realms of God and Guru. Jai Guru

Sara Smith

Seeing all the devotees from around the world as the monastics join them, give me such joy that I am a member of Master's great family. I would rather be no where else than here, now, this instant surrounded by His Love and such dear friends once again.
Thank you in joyous gratitude,
Sara Smith


I love it when he said as we go out to the world full of maya, we will be protected.

Arturo Flores

The fact that the Convocation will still be available is truly appreciated!…& I just want to remark that before Convocation I wanted to prepare my mind, the very next day Bro. Chidananda gave us his message on just that!…& I changed my affirmation to that as well, so I can always be preparing my mind for the “livestream “…thank you, THANK YOU!!!…I love you…Jai Guru!!!…🙏

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