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2019 Christmas Open House at the Mother Center

December 27, 2019


Each year, members and friends of Self-Realization Fellowship share the joyous Christmas spirit during an Open House at the International Headquarters in Los Angeles. In 2019 Christmas Open House at the Mother Center takes place December 7–8. 

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Monks and nuns from all of Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashram centers in California greet the hundreds of visitors who attend the Open House.

Events taking place inside the International Headquarters Building

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The main hall of the International Headquarters is festively arrayed. The Mother Center nuns have beautifully decorated the Administration Building with miniature Christmas trees with ornaments from many lands, graceful glass swans skimming across a mirrored lake, and an eight-foot tall glittering Christmas tree that stands beside a portrait of the Guru.
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Guests have an opportunity to visit Yogananda’s living quarters, now preserved as a shrine; and to meditate in the chapel where he frequently held classes and meditations.
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A handmade “Angels’ House" is minutely decorated, replete with stockings above the fireplace and meditation seats upstairs.

Events taking place on the grounds

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Wintry clouds and sprinkling showers bring a slight chill, but carols and companionship reinforce the holiday spirit as guests share with each other the blessings of this joyous season. Congregating outdoors around festive tents for hot cider and cookies, guests are serenaded by singers from Glendale Temple.
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The Glendale Temple singers provide caroling in the tennis court tent.
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Refreshments are served in the tent on the tennis court, where visitors greet friends while being serenaded by Christmas carolers.
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Glimpses of divine fellowship

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The sun is out and rain long gone by the end of the 2019 Christmas Open House at the Mother Center.

O Eternal Light, may we behold the Infinite Christ within and without. We celebrate that Christ in Spirit, and we pray that every day be a Christmas of divine rejoicing.

Paramahansa Yogananda

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