Path Devotion

What’s at the Heart of Yoga?

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Inside The Laboratory Of Meditation

Inside the Laboratory of Meditation

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Ywb Bliss As Our Motivation

Bliss as Our Motivation

Choose to seek the true joy that we wish to find through all our various pursuits

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Yoga’S Universality

Yoga’s Universality

“A spiritual blessing on humanity as a whole”

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Eightfold Path

Patanjali’s Systematic Eightfold Path of Raja Yoga

The royal science delineated into eight precise steps of practice—ending in final ecstatic oneness

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Path Yoga Union With Bliss Through Meditation Technology

Humanity’s Most Advanced Technology

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P Ym L2 Devotion Mw 1564

Devotion and the “Personal Element in the Search for God”

Seeking the Divine in the aspect that most stirs your heart

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