Floater/Prep Cook

Los Angeles, CA

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  • Unpack, wash, chop and portion raw goods for meal preparation.
  • Follow recipes accurately.
  • Wash, dry, and put away all dishes generated by their work.
  • Clean all areas of the kitchen and bathroom, including sweeping and mopping.
  • Determine the usage of leftovers, including separating, storing and the process for reuse or discard.
  • Assist as needed for multiple special events.
  • Responsible to follow organization’s policies and established processes.
  • Other position-related tasks as assigned.


    • Physical stamina, including ability to lift up to 25 pounds, work a full shift on one’s feet and maintain physical activity throughout the course of each shift.
    • Fluent in the English language.
    • Basic math skills.
    • A background in food service and/or food preparation as well as knowledge of vegetarian cooking.
    • Creativity and experience in preparing and presenting a wide variety of foods from small, household-quantity portions to large commercial quantities.
    • Ability to work harmoniously and safely with others in a restricted workspace.
    • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize.
    • Ability to perform responsibilities in a manner that meets SRF standards.
    • Ability to function well in a multi-task environment.
    • High school graduate preferred and/or 5 years of hands on work experience.
    • ServSafe Food Handling Certificate required, refresher course every 3 years.
    • Punctual and reliable.

This is a full time position, Monday through Friday – 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.

Please e-mail your resume and salary requirements to resumes@yogananda-srf.org. Local candidates only please. No reimbursement for relocation costs offered for this position.

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