Assistant Kitchen Supervisor

Escondido, CA

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Position Summary

  • Assists supervising all aspects of the Hidden Valley kitchen
  • Assists supervising and training kitchen employee(s) and volunteers in all aspects of operation, including safety and San Diego County health codes.
  • Coordinates and facilitates all aspects of Ashram food orders and nutritional needs.
  • Oversees food selection, procuring, receiving, storing, processing, preparing, cooking, serving and disposition of leftovers.
  • Oversees kitchen equipment, selection, use, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Helps with all tasks when needed, including cooking, serving food, cleaning, dishwashing, putting away deliveries.


  • Assists supervising cook and volunteers, and helps to create a harmonious, friendly working environment
  • Trains, orients and reviews the work of others.
  • Assigns various responsibilities as required
  • Ensures that San Diego County health codes are met in handling, cooking, and storage of food, sanitizing/cleaning of dining room/kitchen, and washing/sanitizing items used in preparing and eating food.
  • Helps prepare monthly menu of nutritious, tasty, varied dishes.
  • Assists supervising employee(s) and volunteers.
  • Ensure efficiency of all operations, and evaluate for process improvements.
  • Responsible for the implementation and adherence to all industry standard safety practices.
  • Creates a supportive, harmonious working environment for all employee(s) and volunteers in the refectory.
  • Maintains adequate stock levels of food products and household supplies. Verify accuracy and dissemination of orders accordingly.
  • Oversees receiving of deliveries, storing, preparing, cooking, serving, maintaining and disposing of food in accordance with health and food safety guidelines and SRF policies.
  • Oversees and coordinates the distribution of food from Hidden Valley to other SRF locations.
  • Oversees use and maintenance of ovens, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, appliances and equipment. Ensures that they are operated safely and efficiently and kept in good working order.
  • Handles special requests regarding guests, meeting refreshments, etc.
  • Creates, plans, types and distributes monthly menus.
  • Creates and develops new recipes. Adjusts old recipes to current standards. Documents information regarding recipes and related projects and/or research.
  • Handles communication with other departments and employees.
  • Manages all adjustments necessary to staff schedules; fill in or assist as needed.
  • Responsible to mediate conflicts involving work space, time and equipment. If needed, involve ashram administrator.
  • Works with Human Resources to document and process all details associated with performance management for kitchen employees.
  • Handles small maintenance problems when possible. Contact Maintenance Department when unable to handle them yourself.
  • Shares some cleaning duties with other employee(s) and volunteers.
  • Brings to ashram administrator’s attention when the monks and residents are doing anything in the kitchen/dining room that violates health codes, so it can be brought to the attention of the monks and residents.
  • Helps with inventory and food ordering.
  • Honors and maintains a strict level of confidentiality.
  • Responsible to follow SRF’s policies and established processes.
  • Helps with all tasks when needed, including cooking, serving food, cleaning, dishwashing, putting away deliveries.
  • Other position-related tasks, as assigned.


  • Excellent communication and people skills, ability to create a working environment that is harmonious.
  • A San Diego County Food Protection Manager Certificate required. Refresher course every three years.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize, exercise independent judgment.
  • Multiple cooking skills required. Ability to handle a broad range of foods, including entrees, grains, vegetables, baked goods, desserts and dietary alternatives.
  • Knowledge of and experience with SRF principles and standards.
  • Supervisory experience
  • Ability to represent SRF well when dealing with the public.
  • The ability to function well in a multi-task environment.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Ability to train and supervise others in all facets of operation.
  • Excellent command of the English language required. Basic Spanish language skills a plus.
  • Physical stamina including the ability to lift up to 25 pounds, push, pull, carry, stretch, reach, stand and maintain activity for the duration of the work day.

Additional Details

This is a 40 hour per week position, Monday through Friday.

Local candidates only please. No reimbursement for relocation costs offered for this position.

We offer a competitive benefits package that features a variety of insurance coverage choices including group medical, dental, life insurance, a retirement plan and much more. We also provide paid sick, vacation and holiday time.

Salary Range: $23.00-$25.00 per hour

Please email your resume to No phone calls please.